That Was Fast!

A couple of hours after posting this morning’s “06880” — wondering why there’s a “Remember When?” sign in the storefront of Saugatuck Craft Butchery, which expanded across the street — we’ve got an answer.

An anonymous — but tuned-in — Westporter says the new tenant will be an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor. Serving gelato.

That’s perfect. It brings back the much-loved “Ice Cream Parlor” concept. Its 3 incarnations — on Main Street next to the current Tavern on Main; in Compo Shopping Center where Cohen Fashion opticians is now; finally further west on the Post Road across from the now-vacant Getty gas station — were beloved Westport institutions.

The pink Ice Cream Parlor on the Post Road, painted by Gabrielle Dearborn. It's now a non-pink office building.

The pink Ice Cream Parlor on the Post Road, painted by Gabrielle Dearborn. It’s now a non-pink office building.

One of the best features of the new Saugatuck Center redevelopment is its emphasis on fun, local businesses — a kayak place, that Craft butchery, restaurants and a new gourmet market. The lone chain — Dunkin Donuts — blends in nicely with the rest of Bridge Square.

But this is not your father’s Saugatuck. Gelato is the new vanilla.

And — mamma mia! — it’s Italian, too.

A small portion of the Ice Cream Parlor menu. "The Pigs Trough" cost $69.95 -- but was free if one person could eat it all in 3 hours. Above it was the "Staples Fruit Delight," a large $2 sundae.

A small portion of the vast Ice Cream Parlor menu.

12 responses to “That Was Fast!

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Sam Gault, rounds out Saugatuck with this! Thanks Sam, this or a little Italian pastry shop was the missing piece to all the new restaurants. Now people can eat and then move on to a new venue to continue their evening. And kids can have a place in Saugatuck to go instead of the Post Rd to have an ice cream.

  2. Yes, I think having an ice cream parlor would be fantastic. I look forward to it!

  3. Pamela Cornfield

    I wonder if anyone has any pictures of the inside of the old pink ice cream parlor on the Post Road. I remember it had the old movie machines that you turned by hand to watch your favorite Black and white. Small round marble table tops and ice cream parlor chairs. Would love to see a picture of it.

  4. Matt, you should throw out the first ceremonial scoop. Red and white stripped shirt with bow tie and standard white paper hat!

  5. Living in Sydney Australia in the 70’s I came across an ice cream parlor exactly like the one I had left behind in Westport. The owners told me that Westport had been their model.

  6. Michael Kopko

    But will they sell fringe jackets (and, umm, smoking implements) in The Rage boutique downstairs? And what of the Rage Record Room?

  7. Laurie Sugarman-Whittier

    I don’t have photos, but I have a drawing my dad did of it probably in the 50’s or 60’s. One of my favorite places as a little kid in Westport a million years ago or so. If I can figure out how, I’ll try to post the picture.

  8. thank goodness. i still miss ben and jerry’s. i can’t deal with all the froyo!

  9. Amy Schneider

    I loved going to the ice cream parlor as a kid when my Grandma lived here. I live here now and would love an old-fashioned soda fountain somewhere..vanilla coke..yum.

  10. i left for college (Skidmore) as a 17 year old sheltered young girl as did my roomate–the town of saratoga was in the process of tearing down the famous and infamous “Grand Union” hotel and everything was up for sale.There was nothing there that we could afford or have room in our dorm to accomodate anything—by my junior year nothing was left of the “Grand Union”.imagine my suprise when i came to Westport as a

  11. young wife and mother and made a trip to the just as famous “Ice Cream Parlor–the tremendous chandeliers and much of the “stuff” including the slot machines(changed into something less lawless) from that original auction—it couldn’t have found a better home—good luck to the new parlor and i wonder where those chandeliers are now–i’m having trouble with my message–should have read that as a young bride and