Wakeman Town Farm was buzzing today.

Nearly 200 high school students spent 2 shifts working on 9 team projects. One of the most impressive: building a beautiful trail, linking Wakeman Farm to Bedford Middle School.

This was the 2nd year Builders Beyond Borders helped. Several Eagle Scouts joined too.

It’s amazing what some kids do with their free time.

Building a trail at Wakeman Town Farm. (Photo/Robin Tauck)

Clearing up Wakeman Town Farm. (Photo/Robin Tauck)

2 responses to “B3, BSA And WTF

  1. Tina Uvena Piccolino

    I don’t mean to be negative and I’m never one to complain, but they were burning something at Wakeman Town Farm today and it was very disturbing. The kids and parents who were playing ball on the Wakeman soccer and baseball fields actually couldn’t breathe and had sore throats from the fires. The wind was carrying the smoke directly to the field. I gave a donation to B3 initiative but I’m against the burning.

  2.   Arleen Block