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Westport, New England?

I had never heard of SantaBarbaraSolutions.com, a California-based website.

That’s okay; they probably never heard of “06880” either.

But a question on the site recently asked:  “Do you consider Fairfield County, CT to be part of New England?”

“I know technically it is, but it really isn’t at the same time,” the writer began.  He or she added:

Nobody in the FC roots for the New England teams. People root (properly) for the New York teams.  I’ve lived here for 8 years, nobody roots for the Boston teams.  Everyone else in CT, roots for the scum (AKA Boston teams), the FC is proper.

When people from the FC come to NY they’re New Yorkers, locals.  When people from other parts of Connecticut come to NY they’re tourists scum like the rest of the country.

Leaving aside the obvious — that no one here calls this “the FC” — the post raises another, even more provincial question:

“Do you consider Westport to be part of Connecticut”?

For example:

  • Can you name all the candidates for senator and governor?
  • Can you name our current senators and governor?
  • Do you know how many counties there are in Connecticut?
  • Can you name all (ahem) 8 of them?
  • When was the last time you were in Hartford?  (Driving through on I-91 does not count.)
  • Who was Wilbur Cross?

What do you think, “06880” readers?  Is Westport part of Connecticut?

Part of New York?  Or some stateless place, maybe an American version of Kaliningrad?

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