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Sam’s Men

Sam Goodgame is a true leader.

After graduating from Staples in 2007, he earned an appointment to the US Military Academy.  He went through Ranger training in Georgia, moved on to Fort Campbell, and is now a platoon leader in Afghanistan.

1st Lieutenant Sam Goodgame (right), with one of his soldiers in Afghanistan.

1st Lieutenant Sam Goodgame (right), with one of his soldiers in Afghanistan.

Sam always looks out for his troops. His soldiers get basic supplies, but they love fresh-baked cookies, personal notes — anything that reminds of them of the best of America.

This is a great project for veterans, families, school classrooms, Scouts, clubs, organizations — every Westporter, really.

Sam describes his men below. Feel free to “choose” one soldier, or more; include each name in a care package sent to:

1LT Sam Goodgame
PSD  PLT,  HHC 1-187 IN, 3BCT, 101 ABN DIV (AASLT)
FOB Gardez, Afghanistan
APO AE 09339

Martin (Platoon sergeant; Canada/Arkansas; 4 kids; seasoned combat veteran; has an Irish wife)

Zach (Medic; North Carolina; 3 kids; likes to work out)

Bryan (Radio guy; Illinois; 1 newborn; likes video games)

John (Squad leader; Florida; funny; on his 5th deployment)

Joseph (Team leader; Wisconsin; very smart; into physics and chemistry)

Daryl (SAW gunner; Florida; 1 newborn; laid back; just had wisdom teeth removed)

Jake (Rifleman; Hawaii; trustworthy and honest)

Jared (Rifleman; Oklahoma; 2 kids; encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock guitarists)

Marcos (Squad leader; Texas; 2 kids; shot through the hand last deployment; former Air Force nuclear weapons technician)

Kyle (Team leader; Upstate New York; 1 kid; wants to be a helicopter pilot)

Jacob (Rifleman; North Carolina; 1 kid; quiet; likes video games)

Isaiah (Team leader; Florida; entire family of high-ranking enlisted; former fullback at UGA)

Andrew (Rifleman; upstate New York; former lacrosse goalie at Syracuse)

Will (Rifleman; California; 6-4 and muscular)

Trevor (Team leader; Virginia; highly competent; rising leader)