Sam’s Men

Sam Goodgame is a true leader.

After graduating from Staples in 2007, he earned an appointment to the US Military Academy.  He went through Ranger training in Georgia, moved on to Fort Campbell, and is now a platoon leader in Afghanistan.

1st Lieutenant Sam Goodgame (right), with one of his soldiers in Afghanistan.

1st Lieutenant Sam Goodgame (right), with one of his soldiers in Afghanistan.

Sam always looks out for his troops. His soldiers get basic supplies, but they love fresh-baked cookies, personal notes — anything that reminds of them of the best of America.

This is a great project for veterans, families, school classrooms, Scouts, clubs, organizations — every Westporter, really.

Sam describes his men below. Feel free to “choose” one soldier, or more; include each name in a care package sent to:

1LT Sam Goodgame
PSD  PLT,  HHC 1-187 IN, 3BCT, 101 ABN DIV (AASLT)
FOB Gardez, Afghanistan
APO AE 09339

Martin (Platoon sergeant; Canada/Arkansas; 4 kids; seasoned combat veteran; has an Irish wife)

Zach (Medic; North Carolina; 3 kids; likes to work out)

Bryan (Radio guy; Illinois; 1 newborn; likes video games)

John (Squad leader; Florida; funny; on his 5th deployment)

Joseph (Team leader; Wisconsin; very smart; into physics and chemistry)

Daryl (SAW gunner; Florida; 1 newborn; laid back; just had wisdom teeth removed)

Jake (Rifleman; Hawaii; trustworthy and honest)

Jared (Rifleman; Oklahoma; 2 kids; encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock guitarists)

Marcos (Squad leader; Texas; 2 kids; shot through the hand last deployment; former Air Force nuclear weapons technician)

Kyle (Team leader; Upstate New York; 1 kid; wants to be a helicopter pilot)

Jacob (Rifleman; North Carolina; 1 kid; quiet; likes video games)

Isaiah (Team leader; Florida; entire family of high-ranking enlisted; former fullback at UGA)

Andrew (Rifleman; upstate New York; former lacrosse goalie at Syracuse)

Will (Rifleman; California; 6-4 and muscular)

Trevor (Team leader; Virginia; highly competent; rising leader)

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  1. Thanks, Dan! This is a great opportunity to help out.

  2. All of us that regularly comment on this blog should use that energy and take one soldier and mail him some goodies and a heap of thanks! I know I will be doin that! Thanks, Dan and thanks to these brave men and women! Way to go Sam!

  3. It will be our Family activity this weekend…thanks for the reminder, Dan.

  4. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Great idea !!

  6. Dan, more stories like this please and less stories on:
    Roe vs Wade
    Gun Control
    Democrats vs Republicans
    Westport YMCA

    • For what reason? Different stories appeal to different people. National issues with a local angle are important. So are stories on Westport institutions,and the future of our town. So are stories about Westporters (past and present) doing good things. So are stories about Westporters (past and present) doing controversial things. So are stories looking back at the Westport of yesterday. And the stories looking ahead, at the Westport of tomorrow. So are photos with one caption. So are off-the-wall pieces about bad drivers, rude customers (and servicepeople), lost dogs and my soccer team.

      I don’t expect every story to appeal to every reader. But I hope every reader will find something (more often than not) that connects him or her to Westport, and that epitomizes this blog’s tagline: “Where Westport meets the world.”

      • Dan, I guess it is not the stories themselves that you post but rather the personal attacks that the bloggers direct towards each other that I find disappointing. Just seems to be a lot of vitriol comments on the site these days but maybe that is a result of the times we live in.

  7. I understand that different stories appeal to different people and you are trying to be diverse in content. Mr. “Don Joe” is perhaps tired of all the arguing and fighting that can go on in the comments section. I also feel that most of us are weary of all the bad news that we have been subjected to in the last few months. The holidays were not joyful this past month and I am really starting to feel that we have many more people out there who are not well. The headlines are showing us depressed, suicidal, and plain desperate people, who are doing terrible things. On this brutally cold,
    albeit sunny day, I’m thankful for a story about something good for a change.

  8. Last 10 “06880” stories:
    Sam Goodgame and his Afghanistan platoon
    Frozen fountain at Geiger’s
    Mark Mathias and his family go to DC for the inauguration
    Rev. Deb Haffner and Roe v. Wade
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    Martin Luther King Day and Westport
    Estelle Margolis and Manti Tu’o
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    • Really tried to think of a controversial angle on that frozen fountain story but came up blank.

      • : )

      • John —
        As relates to the Fountain…perhaps sniping, baiting, trolling and other related online ‘landscaping’ behaviors are immune to the “inevitable-ists” philosophy contained therein?

        All will be well in the garden….In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again….There will be growth in the spring!
        — Chance, Being There

        • Very simple, John: If a kid whose mother had not aborted him was carrying a gun and he injured himself near the icy fountain, would Obamacare cover his medical treatment?

          • And would he sue for slip and fall.

          • John McCarthy

            Yes, of course it would, But not if it happened right after they got caught in traffic coming from the Mahackeno Y while racing downtown to shop at Bedford Square. Under the latest Town Plan for Conservation and Development, that situation would require all medical care for Non-Aborted And Armed Youth to be treated by Arnie Kaye. Can’t believe they left this bit in….never thought it would survive the last draft.

          • John McCarthy

            Doug, great reference.

  9. Judi Simonetti

    My friend, Hilary, and I are sending them all each a Valentine’s Day package of treats, card, personal note, maybe some art from our kids and some supplies! What a wonderful idea!!! Thank you, Dan!

  10. Moving Forward

    My family will be doing this also. I love how there is a little blurb on each person. I don’t think I would want to meet a UGA fullback in the field of battle!

    Regarding some of the comments. Having this blog is a real treat for me. Of course a couple of dumbasses will try to ruin it for everyone, sometimes its best to ignore the comments. Not only do they often miss the point, the writing is terrible! Leave it to Dan the Man – that’s why he gets the big bucks!

    Zack Randel

  11. What we really need is for good, honest, promising young men and women like this refuse to serve until we, the people, stop sending them on lethal and idiotic missions.

    • If that happened, “progressives” would bring back their peace time draft and force promising young men to go fight and die in places like Korea and Vietnam.

  12. Dan – I’d love to hear the reactions of the soldiers when their care packages are received. Hopefully they’ll keep your blog “in the loop”. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to give back to those who are willing to give it all.

  13. I love this idea and since I’m the Community Service chair for our local cub scout group, we will be putting together care packages at our April pack meeting!! Thank you, Dan, for sharing!!

  14. Reblogged this on thehippielegacy and commented:
    Since I’m the Community Service chair for our local Cub Scout pack, I will be coordinating this as our April community service project. Really thrilled to be able to do this and give back 🙂 ~Michelle