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Pic Of The Day #1499

Rosehearty, in the sun (Photo/Dave Shea)

Ahoy! Rosehearty!

All week long, a 185-foot yacht moored off Compo Beach has drawn attention.

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

The craft is named Rosehearty. The previous owner was Rupert Murdoch. Now it’s owned by a private businessman and his wife. They’ve sailed it — with friends, and crew — through the Northwest Passage, and to Antarctica.

(Photo/Jeff Manchester)

It’s here because the owner — a Staples High School graduate — is building a house near Saugatuck Shores. He’s lived all over the world, but wants one of his homes now to be in his old home town.

(Photo/Lawrence Zlatkin)

It’s not finished yet. So on his way up from the South, he and his wife are spending a few days here. They’re looking over the construction, shopping and enjoying the town. Rosehearty heads next to Gibraltar and Italy.

I was fortunate enough to be invited aboard for drinks and dinner last night. There were jokes about the “houseboat,” and a few smaller vessels circled nearby, asking what we were up to.

(Photo/ Dan Woog)

But — with a few other guests, including Staples grads and Irish ex-pats — it was just like any other dinner with friends.

(Photo/ Dan Woog)

Any other dinner with friends, that is, on one of the first real “non-COVID” nights in 14 months.

The galley is larger than some New York City kitchens. (Photo/Dan Woog)

And on a super-yacht a mile off the Westport shore previously owned by Rupert Murdoch, served by a crew of 6, and now the talk of the town.

(Photo/ Dan Woog)

Saying goodnight. (Photo/ Dan Woog)