Ahoy! Rosehearty!

All week long, a 185-foot yacht moored off Compo Beach has drawn attention.

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

The craft is named Rosehearty. The previous owner was Rupert Murdoch. Now it’s owned by a private businessman and his wife. They’ve sailed it — with friends, and crew — through the Northwest Passage, and to Antarctica.

(Photo/Jeff Manchester)

It’s here because the owner — a Staples High School graduate — is building a house near Saugatuck Shores. He’s lived all over the world, but wants one of his homes now to be in his old home town.

(Photo/Lawrence Zlatkin)

It’s not finished yet. So on his way up from the South, he and his wife are spending a few days here. They’re looking over the construction, shopping and enjoying the town. Rosehearty heads next to Gibraltar and Italy.

I was fortunate enough to be invited aboard for drinks and dinner last night. There were jokes about the “houseboat,” and a few smaller vessels circled nearby, asking what we were up to.

(Photo/ Dan Woog)

But — with a few other guests, including Staples grads and Irish ex-pats — it was just like any other dinner with friends.

(Photo/ Dan Woog)

Any other dinner with friends, that is, on one of the first real “non-COVID” nights in 14 months.

The galley is larger than some New York City kitchens. (Photo/Dan Woog)

And on a super-yacht a mile off the Westport shore previously owned by Rupert Murdoch, served by a crew of 6, and now the talk of the town.

(Photo/ Dan Woog)

Saying goodnight. (Photo/ Dan Woog)

27 responses to “Ahoy! Rosehearty!

  1. Great stuff, Dan. What everyone wanted to know.

  2. Kathryn Coster

    Way cool !!!!!

  3. Fantastic! So glad you were invited aboard!!!!

  4. Phil Perlah

    Staples soccer player?

  5. Tracy Flood

    Very lucky fellow you are!

  6. Elizabeth Thibault

    Thanks for getting the inside scoop and sharing with us – it’s a beautiful (and very large) yacht. It’s always fun seeing these ships in our waters on occasion!

  7. Rosemary Milligan

    I remember when frank sinatra and mia farrow anchored off compo beach in (I think) 1964, everyone turned out to get a look at their yacht – and them.

  8. Patricia McMahon

    What a treat fir you Dan and a fabulous time by all I’m sure.
    Except now my neighbors aren’t going to believe me no longer that it’s my new sailboat … smirk!!

  9. Maggie Mudd

    My husband sailed across the Atlantic on his own boat, a third of the size, and has sailed to Gibraltar and all over the Med for a dozen years. Available for conversation–or if your friend needs an extra hand! All of Westport is admiring the beauty of that yacht.

  10. Do they need a guitar playing minstrel aboard for entertainment?!?

  11. Fred Cantor

    Somehow this brings me back to the Knicks. My vista from the cannons was like being up in the old “Blues” section at the Garden and you were able to wind up with a Spike Lee courtside seat! This is truly another worthy example of “Where Westport meets the world.”

  12. joshua stein

    Beautiful yacht.

  13. Diane Silfen

    What a special evening ‼️

  14. Mary Schmerker

    This is wonderful. Thank you for the inside scoop! Great reporting!

  15. Pegeen Gaherin

    Hmmm. Staples Soccer…
    M.P. Perhaps?
    Good for him if so

  16. Pegeen Gaherin

    Thanks Dan 😎

    I have another thought… my old friend Hollywood M.K?

  17. Pegeen Gaherin

    I understand.

    Your article did spur interest to those of us – who grew up in Westport …

  18. Bill Strittmatter

    I assume you didn’t know at the time but, in retrospect, if you knew the owner preferred privacy and you wanted to respect that, probably shouldn’t have posted anything.

    At this point, the Streisand effect has kicked in. It takes less than 10 seconds to find the answer. Less if one can type fast.

    • Bill, the first thing I asked when I stepped on the yacht was, “Is it okay if I take pictures and post something?” He said, “Sure. But please don’t use my name.”

  19. Annette Norton

    Dan, thank you for always keeping us in the know while somehow managing to maximize your time to do what you do. Your transparency while upholding your respect and regard for others is wonderful. I don’t know how you do it, but I am thankful for it! It looked like a magical evening! 🙂

  20. Robert M Gerrity

    I’ll wait for the Big Reveal. Other stuff to search for. Earlier, it occurred to me, Dan, that some one (you) might write a “light-hearted” volume entitled EVERYBODY LIVES IN WESTPORT, mimicking Peter DeVries or Max Shulman’s more punchy, short style. (The corollary title would be, of course, You are a Nobody if you don’t live in Westport. Staples grads are automatic residents in perpetuity.) Regards. Hell of a vessel.