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Posh Nail & Spa Replies

I got an email this morning from a woman named Tracy at Posh Nail & Spa. It was in response to Tuesday’s post, which reported that — despite a prominent “Stop-Work” order on their front door — the Post Road West salon remained open.

Tracy wrote:

I would like to talk to you about our salon (posh spa) being posted in your blog. They now have took the stop work sign off as of today. I would really appreciate it if you can take our article down from your blog. The  reason is alot of our clients think we are not running business any longer.

I said I would be happy to do that — if she could answer the question of why they defied the Connecticut Department of Labor notice.

Posh Nail & Spa's doors were open Tuesday, despite the stop-work sign on the door. They're now legally open, they say.

Posh Nail & Spa’s doors were open Tuesday, despite the stop-work sign on the door. They’re now legally open, they say.

The next email came from Ahyoung Oh, who said:

Yes so the department of labor came out on monday suddendly and asked for all the proof of documents of all the employees in our salon. The reason why they put up that stop work sign just because we didnt have those files right at that moment which we keep all in our office. We were very shocked and scared at the moment. After that incident we spoked to our lawyer and had the stop work sign taken off.

Which still did not answer the question. Ahyoung Oh then said:

The reason why we had to stay open despite the sign was because we have known our clients for a really long time and the appointments were fully booked so we wanted to keep promise to our clients.

There you have it. I’ll leave it to “06880” commenters — clients and others — to discuss the ethics of this situation.

Azena Nailed, Too

Azena Nail Spa is the 2nd Westport salon to be slapped with a Stop-Work order by the state Department of Labor.

Like Posh at the other end of town, Azena — next to Barnes & Noble — was charged with “misrepresenting employees as private contractors.”

However, unlike Posh — near Whole Foods — Azena actually followed the order, and shut its doors.

A handwritten sign above the official notice reads:

Dear Customer,

For some reason we close today! Sorry for all the inconvenience!! And we will open tomorrow!

Azena Management

(Photo/Dr. Edward Paul)

(Photo/Dr. Edward Paul)


An alert “06880” reader emailed yesterday. She noticed a “Stop-Work” order taped to the front door of Posh Nail & Spa, next to Whole Foods, and wondered what was up.

I checked it out today. There it was, bright red and very official looking:

Posh Nails 2

Dated yesterday (August 3), the notice from the State Department of Labor Wage & Workplace Standards Division explained the violation: “Misrepresenting employees as private contractors.”

It added that if an employer conducts business operations in violation of the stop-work order, a penalty of $1,000 a day would be assessed.

Posh Nails doesn’t care.

As I took photos of the notice, 3 customers opened the door and walked right in.

An employee — perhaps an owner or manager (definitely not a private contractor, though) — came out.

Posh Nails

When I asked if they were open, she said yes.

When I said, “What about this notice?” she said “No comment.”

Then she took my picture too.