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People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Have Structural Problems

But they do.

Even if that Glass House is a National Historic Landmark.

The Glass House was architect Philip Johnson’s personal residence. Built in 1948 in New Canaan, it’s part of an estate that includes other innovative buildings he designed, all connected by beautiful manicured walkways.

Each property — the Brick House, the Studio, Da Monsta, the Painting Gallery, Pavilion in the Pond and the Sculpture Gallery — is a work of art, and features remarkable collections of paintings and sculptures. The site draws thousands of visitors a year.

Philip Johnson’s Glass House …

But even world-renowned architects design houses that, over time, develop structural or environmental problems.

The National Trust for Historical Preservation — owner of the famed property — chose Landtech to identify and remedy the conditions impacting each of the buildings.

The Saugatuck-based engineering firm is investigating drainage problems that have long plagued the Brick House, which includes Johnson’s private sleeping quarters, study and gallery space.

Groundwater levels have impacted the structure, creating moisture and mold. Conditions became so severe that the gallery is unusable.

… and The Brick House.

As they work to correct drainage and mold issues, Landtech engineers have an additional challenge: respecting the historical integrity of the Glass House and Brick House, and the spectacular property they sit on.

As anyone who has seen their Westport work knows, they’re up to the task. They’ll work through early spring, ensuring that the busy summer event schedule will go on as planned.

And that one of Connecticut’s top tourist attractions will continue to delight visitors and architectural enthusiasts for decades to come.