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Paul Chandler: The New Alex P. Keaton?

For the 1st time in 20 years, a Republican is running for alderman in New Haven’s Ward 1.

Interestingly, he’s a Yale junior. Even more interesting (for “06880” readers, anyway) he’s Paul Chandler, a Staples 2010 grad.

Paul Chandler (Photo by Jacob Geiger for Yale Daily News)

Paul Chandler (Photo by Jacob Geiger for Yale Daily News)

Chandler — a member of the varsity track and field team, the sport he starred in as a Wrecker — told the Yale Daily News he will “bring a new perspective to debates traditionally dominated by Democrats.”

Chandler was chosen by the Yale College Republicans after a series of interviews with several potential candidates.

His focus will be on New Haven public education, youth services and public safety.

Chandler — currently registered as an independent, who describes himself as “generally pretty moderate” — is running in a city in which registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 24 to 1.

That’s quite an uphill race.

Then again, Chandler is on the track team.