Paul Chandler: The New Alex P. Keaton?

For the 1st time in 20 years, a Republican is running for alderman in New Haven’s Ward 1.

Interestingly, he’s a Yale junior. Even more interesting (for “06880” readers, anyway) he’s Paul Chandler, a Staples 2010 grad.

Paul Chandler (Photo by Jacob Geiger for Yale Daily News)

Paul Chandler (Photo by Jacob Geiger for Yale Daily News)

Chandler — a member of the varsity track and field team, the sport he starred in as a Wrecker — told the Yale Daily News he will “bring a new perspective to debates traditionally dominated by Democrats.”

Chandler was chosen by the Yale College Republicans after a series of interviews with several potential candidates.

His focus will be on New Haven public education, youth services and public safety.

Chandler — currently registered as an independent, who describes himself as “generally pretty moderate” — is running in a city in which registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 24 to 1.

That’s quite an uphill race.

Then again, Chandler is on the track team.

2 responses to “Paul Chandler: The New Alex P. Keaton?

  1. Good luck to Paul. I would love to see more moderates have a greater voice in the Republican party at the national level, and perhaps this will be a first step for him.

  2. David Stalling

    Good for Paul! It’s refreshing to hear of someone who considers himself moderate getting involved with the Republican party. I hope Paul is sucessfull in his bid for office and can help influence the party to be more inclusive and supportive of issues that should be bipartisan (such as fairness and equality for all Americans and the conservation wildlife and wild places) and help return the GOP to the “grand” party it once was and could be again. Best of luck Paul! .