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The Grazing Life

Any Westporter worth her Prius wants to support small farmers.  But let’s face it, actual farms are not easy to find.

And as much as we love our farmers markets, their midday hours are not always convenient.

Time to graze.

“Graze” is a company with a 2010-meets-1790 vibe.  They deliver artisinal and organic foods from small family farms in Vermont, to faster-paced but health-conscious families in Connecticut.

One of the founders — Christy Colasurdo — is a long-time farmers market fan and green foods movement advocate.  She’s also a Westport resident.

Every week, Grazers head south.  They bring artisinal cheeses, pasture-raised beef, free-range chicken, fresh milk, in-season produce and home-baked treats — plus chef-prepared meals — to time- and fresh food-starved Nutmeggers.

After completing a 3-month test launch with 40 Westport families, Graze has opened to the public.  Orders are placed on a rustic-looking website, www.grazedelivered.com.

Delivery is done by drivers who try to know each family.  They also offer surprise samples tailored to each family’s tastes — take that, Stew’s!

Customers can set up standing orders to receive rotating meals, or make selections based on each week’s menu.

This winter, when many Westporters head to the slopes, the company will make Friday deliveries to the mountains.  Offerings include lasagna, enchiladas, manicotti, chili (“made with grass-fed beef”) and more.

“Log on with your Stratton zip code!” the website encourages.  Graze knows its customer base well.

Double L Farm Stand Comes Home

The 3rd time’s the charm.

After 12 years on King’s Highway North, and 2 more in Southport, the Double L Farm Stand is ready to open at a 3rd location.  For the 1st time, all the produce will have 4 walls, and a roof over its head.

And — also new — Double L will be a year-round operation.

The new site is 730 Post Road East — next to Calise’s, just down from Cumberland Farms.  The storefront has been vacant for a while, after housing a salon.

Lloyd Allen (left) and Michael Van Haaften take a brief break from preparing their new digs.

A nice tile floor remains — but that’s the only remnant of the previous tenant.  The rest will be pure Double L.  Lloyd is recycling everything from Southport:  tables, skids, bricks, and “whatever else was laying around.”

Opening day is Friday, May 28 — “come hell or high water, painted or not,” Lloyd says.  “A produce place has to be ready by Memorial Day.

“It’s great to be back in Westport,” he adds, joking that “this is like moving to Beverly Hills.”

Lloyd’s many loyal customers will welcome him back with open arms — and bulging tote bags.

“We’ll continue to focus on ‘local’ and ‘organic,'” he promises.  “I just got back from Amish country, and we’ve got the same peach grower as last year.  We won’t get too fancy.”

Just good — no, great — produce.  Selected, displayed and sold the Lloyd Allen Double L way — with llots of llove.