Double L Farm Stand Comes Home

The 3rd time’s the charm.

After 12 years on King’s Highway North, and 2 more in Southport, the Double L Farm Stand is ready to open at a 3rd location.  For the 1st time, all the produce will have 4 walls, and a roof over its head.

And — also new — Double L will be a year-round operation.

The new site is 730 Post Road East — next to Calise’s, just down from Cumberland Farms.  The storefront has been vacant for a while, after housing a salon.

Lloyd Allen (left) and Michael Van Haaften take a brief break from preparing their new digs.

A nice tile floor remains — but that’s the only remnant of the previous tenant.  The rest will be pure Double L.  Lloyd is recycling everything from Southport:  tables, skids, bricks, and “whatever else was laying around.”

Opening day is Friday, May 28 — “come hell or high water, painted or not,” Lloyd says.  “A produce place has to be ready by Memorial Day.

“It’s great to be back in Westport,” he adds, joking that “this is like moving to Beverly Hills.”

Lloyd’s many loyal customers will welcome him back with open arms — and bulging tote bags.

“We’ll continue to focus on ‘local’ and ‘organic,'” he promises.  “I just got back from Amish country, and we’ve got the same peach grower as last year.  We won’t get too fancy.”

Just good — no, great — produce.  Selected, displayed and sold the Lloyd Allen Double L way — with llots of llove.

8 responses to “Double L Farm Stand Comes Home

  1. Lisa Marie Alter

    Go Lloyd & Michael !! No, really — HURRY UP !!! I gotta get my hands on that fresh produce for my Memorial Day meals and parties !

    And , for those who haven’t “experienced” Double L’s goodness, TRY IT: you’ll finally know what a peach (or a tomato, or their strawberries) REALLY tastes like.

    Lloyd, Michael: Welcome (back) to Westport 🙂

  2. Pheidippides

    It is nice to see “Mom and Pop” (or Lloyd & Micheal) type stores come back to Westport and infiltrate the corporate stranglehold on this township and the rest of this country. Bravo to some “inspiration”, guys. Can’t wait until you open. I don’t believe I have ever tasted a real peach!

  3. tom feeley

    Not only is their produce tasty & fresh, they will deliver it !
    [to your car].
    Good food, good guys, good prices.

  4. Linda Smith

    I’m psyched to hear this news! I didn’t get up to the Southport location since I rarely went that way, but if it’s true that it’s good produce (I love fresh fruits and vegetables and eat almost three pounds a day) and reasonable prices, I’ll be there on May 28th! I have heard of Lloyd and Michael’s character, so I already know they are “good guys”! Welcome to the Roseville/Hillspoint/Post Road area.

  5. Lloyd’s former partner at the Southport location, Justin, has partnered up with Al from A&J’s Farmstand on the Post Road to bring in local and organic fruit and produce only the way Justin can. They’re open and bustling. They’ve got a great juice bar and are bringing in SoNo Baking Company breads, sweets and pies.

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