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Prospect Road Trees: Late Afternoon Report

As a chainsaw roared several yards away, Santa Claus sat in a swing, suspended from a tree branch.

That was the scene this afternoon on Prospect Road. A crew hired by contractor Joe Feinleib cut down the 2nd and 3rd of 5 oak trees in the setback near the property of next door neighbor Mark Donovan (aka Santa). Feinleib will build a new home on the land he’s clearing.

“I’m not going anywhere,” vowed Donovan, whose swing hangs from a branch on a near-100-year-old oak tree that hangs over his property.

“I’m not saying he’s not within his rights,” Donovan added, referring to his soon-to-be-new neighbor. “But I’m within my rights too. We’re 2 Americans, exercising our rights.”

One of the felled oak trees. According to owner Joe Feinleib, the rings show the stand of trees to be 96 years old.

Owner Joe Feinleib sent this photo to “06880.” “Turns out at least one is diseased and rotting in the middle,” he wrote..

Police were on hand earlier today. Feinleib had concerns about a news media drone flying over his property. Donovan had concerns about a bucket with tree workers over his property.

Westport police officers chat with Mark Donovan (dressed as Santa), sitting on a swing. The tree is on Joe Feinleib’s property; the branch hangs over Donovan’s.

Joe Feinleib’s property on the left, with trees being removed. Mark Donovan’s is on the right.



Westport is now officially “Tree City USA.”

Earlier today, Tree Board chair Monica Buesser and Westport Library children’s librarian Lynne Perrigo raised a “Tree City USA” flag on Jesup Green.

The designation — by the Arbor Day Foundation —  gives Westport the chance to apply for tree grants, and participate in educational forums sponsored by the Foundation.

Monica Buesser and Lynne Perrigo hold the Tree City flag. (Photo/Frank Rosen)


On a recent Zoom forum, Buesser learned about “Oaktober” events. There’s a Wakeman Town Farm panel this Monday (October 4, 7 p.m.), on tree care. Attendees will learn about all the good that trees do in our yards, and how to return the favor in caring for them. Free saplings are available too. Click here for details.

In addition, the Tree Board, Earthplace and Westport Book Shop are partnering with the Library for one on Saturday, October 23. It includes crafts, guest animals, and Halloween fun (come in costume!). Free baby oaks will be available to take home. Click here for details.

“Oaks are very important for our environment,” Buesser says. “They support over 450 types of caterpillars, which birds need. Acorns feed everything from squirrels to deer.”

One more Tree Board bit of news: They’re looking for another member. To learn more, email mkbuesser@gmail.com.