Today Is Arbor Day. Westport Is A “Tree City USA.”

Happy Arbor Day!

To celebrate, Westport’s Tree Board announces our town’s newest honor: The Arbor Day Foundation has named us a “2020 Tree City USA.”

The award (which we share with 3,600 other communities) recognizes that we make “planting and care of trees a priority.”

Former Tree Board chair Dick Fincher, tree warden Bruce Lindsay and assistant town attorney Eileen Lavigne Flug helped obtain certification.

Proving that we really are a Tree City USA, this year’s Arbor Day celebration includes tree plantings at the police station on Jesup Road, and Greens Farms fire station.

Planting a tree at the Greens Farms fire station …

The new trees celebrate first responders who worked diligently during the pandemic.

The Tree Board will be active in coming months. They’ll sponsor educational events, and a celebration of oak trees, which reduce runoff, flooding, noise and pollution. Oaks also host over 400 types of caterpillars that birds need for food.

(For more information on the Tree Board, click here.)

… and police headquarters.

5 responses to “Today Is Arbor Day. Westport Is A “Tree City USA.”

  1. Its good to have a tree board. Happy Arbor Day. What would be great is if the tree board could regulate how many trees (a percentage) are taken down every time a house is being built. We need to not only plant trees but protect the trees we have!

  2. planted a beautiful Stewartia pseudocamellia today

  3. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    I would celebrate this award more seriously if the Town would preclude builders from leveling all the trees before new houses are constructed. It is so sad to see barren land, especially when the property included a teardown house and beautiful mature trees.

  4. Indeed, this “honor” would be worth more (worth SOMETHING) if the “tree board” really husbanded trees as it should, by overseeing the trees removed for building. Further, the designation of CITY for a town of 26,000 is not anything of which I would be proud…we are not a city and never, hopefully, will be one….would far rather not have the accolade at all, than be called a city

  5. Please let me correct myself…Westport, shockingly, DOES meet the standards of being a f…ing city….WOW. Back in ’69 when we moved here FROM a city, never imagined we’d have moved TO one….sad trajectory for the once smalish town. 🙁