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Remembering Sandy Bodecker

Sandy Bodecker — a Westport native who rose to some of the highest and most influential positions at Nike — has died. He was 65.

SneakerNews reports:

Of all of the endeavors that he pioneered for the Swoosh, none is as game-changing as Nike Skateboarding, a renegade division the he presided over since 2002. It was his vision that allowed the skate community to open up to the industry giant, and from there, the rest is history.

His take on the classic Dunk, reinvented with fat tongues and Zoom Air cushioning, paved the way for collaborations with Supreme and Zoo York as well as colorways by the pros, all of which sparked a niche that played one of the biggest roles in the creation of sneaker culture as we know it today.

Sandy Bodecker (Photo courtesy of SneakerNews)

It’s no coincidence that Sandy’s roles at Nike coincide with the success of that respective concentration. Originally a product tester, Bodecker went on to lead the brand’s first Global Football business and later started the Action Sports category while serving as its first head of Global Design.

His most recent hallmark is BREAKING2 and the mission to complete a sub-2 hour marathon; he’s been obsessed with it for years as he has 1:59:59 tattooed on the inside of his left wrist. From the BREAKING2 initiative came the brand’s current arsenal of Vaporfly and Zoom Fly running footwear.

The website FN adds:

Sandy Bodecker (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

He joined the sportswear giant in 1982, and rose to drive “product innovation and built strong relationships and brand credibility with skate retailers, athletes and consumers,” the brand shared in a past statement on his influence.

“From 1994 to 2001, Bodecker led Nike’s soccer business, building Nike … from virtually nothing to one of the company’s top categories and helping to establish global brand leadership in the sport,” Nike previously said of his experience.

Sandy Bodecker (center rear, dark shirt) played on the Coleytown Junior High School soccer team. No word on whether the 8th grader wore Nike cleats.

(Hat tip: Fred Cantor)

Armond At The Beach

Westporters know there’s always something going on at Compo Beach.

And you never know what you’ll find there.

Last week, early morning strollers and dog-walkers saw a professional camera shoot.

At 7 a.m., frequent “06880” contributor Irene Penny put Armond Jordan through his paces. The very popular JoyRide Westport leader has been tapped by Nike to train sports journalists in the art of fitness.

Judging from Penny’s photos, they’ll need to work very hard to catch up to their instructor.

Armond Jordan - Irene Penny

Armond Jordan - Irene Penny 2

(All photos/Irene Penny)

Click on or hover over photos to enlarge. (All photos/Irene Penny)

Take This Job And Shovel It!

An alert and in-the-Christmas-mood “06880” reader ventured downtown yesterday.

Ready for some holiday shopping, he was surprised to see so many uncleared Main Street sidewalks, 2 days after Saturday’s snow.

It was piled high in front of vacated stores like Talbot’s and Kate Spade. There were also “half-hearted attempts” to clear the way in front of several open-for-business places. Nike and Papyrus are 2 that he singled out.

“Rather than being obsessed with parking shortages downtown, it seems the merchants should make clearing the walks a priority,” he says.

And, he adds — tongue in cheek? fist cocked? — “I know ‘06880’ has made a 2nd career out of bashing local businesses. So I want to make sure you’re on the lookout during today’s snow.”

In this scene from last winter, no one had yet cleared the streets -- or sidewalks. (Photo/Katherine Hooper)

In this scene from last winter, no one had yet cleared the streets — but some sidewalks were done. (Photo/Katherine Hooper)