Armond At The Beach

Westporters know there’s always something going on at Compo Beach.

And you never know what you’ll find there.

Last week, early morning strollers and dog-walkers saw a professional camera shoot.

At 7 a.m., frequent “06880” contributor Irene Penny put Armond Jordan through his paces. The very popular JoyRide Westport leader has been tapped by Nike to train sports journalists in the art of fitness.

Judging from Penny’s photos, they’ll need to work very hard to catch up to their instructor.

Armond Jordan - Irene Penny

Armond Jordan - Irene Penny 2

(All photos/Irene Penny)

Click on or hover over photos to enlarge. (All photos/Irene Penny)

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  1. Great photos!!