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EJ Zebro Turns Heads At NFL Combine

A year ago, EJ Zebro was the new kid at the NFL Combine.

As the owner of TAP Strength Lab downtown, the certified movement and performance coach was eager to show that the Optimal Human Motion machines — and methods — he uses can minimize, or even eliminate, pain athletes may feel from injuries. The key feature is limiting joint compression forces.

This week, at the annual event in Indianapolis, Zebro was greeted like an old friend.

The OHM equipment was used this year by the Giants, Jets and Dolphins. Other teams have placed orders. So has an NBA club, NASCAR, and Quinnipiac University (for its nationally ranked men’s ice hockey team).

EJ Zebro (left) and Optimal Human Motion founder Dave Schmidt, with the OHM machine.

TAP Strength Lab has more of this equipment than any place else in the world, Zebro says — including NFL strength and conditioning rooms. He’s also got devices that are not yet on the market.

Zebro is proud of his work with pro football teams. But he’s equally excited about his local clients. They include up-and-coming athletes — and 80-somethings, who he works with on balance issues.

Of course, Zebro uses the OHM machines too. Otherwise, he says, he’d be unable to run around with his Over-40 soccer team.

That’s his World Cup — and Super Bowl — rolled into one.

EJ Zebro Draws Attention At NFL Combine

Westport did not have any future stars at this week’s NFL Combine.

But we did have EJ Zebro. And his work may have more of an impact on the game than any one of the 300-plus football hopefuls who put their running, jumping and lifting talents on display in Indianapolis.

Zebro owns TAP StrengthLab. At his downtown Westport center, the certified movement and performance coach shows people of all ages that intelligent, functional movement — coupled with awareness of their own bodies — can minimize, or even eliminate, pain they may feel from injuries.

It’s a message tailored for the NFL meat market.

Zebro was invited by Bill Parisi, Phil Simms’ personal trainer. He’s written a book about fascia training — exercises that improve the functioning of tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and muscular envelopes. One of Parisi’s chapters profiles Zebro.

The Westporter focused his talk on utilizing fascia training to help high-level athletes.

He also demonstrated an Optimal Human Motion machine. Developed by David Schmidt of Darien, and a key feature of Zebro’s TAP StrengthLab, it limits joint compression forces.

EJ Zebro (left) and Dave Schmidt, with the Optimal Human Motion machine.

Once users become more “balanced,” they can focus on becoming more powerful. That appeals to the folks who swarmed the exhibit hall in Indianapolis.

One of Zebro’s first conversations was with Dan Dalrymple. He’s the New Orleans Saints strength and conditioning coach — and an NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

He told Zebro about his own orthopedic issues — including difficulty moving his neck, and a bad knee. The  Westport trainer worked on his fascia. Dalrymple hobbled over to the OHM machine. Ten minutes later, he finished his workout — pain-free.

Dalrymple raved about his experience. That sent other coaches flocking to Zebro.

EJ Zebro works on Dan Dalrymple.

Since returning home, Zebro has followed up with many of them. They may incorporate some of what he does into their own NFL routines.

Which means that in years to come, the stars you watch — or whom you pray stay healthy, for your fantasy teams — may owe a debt of gratitude to perhaps the only Westporter who attended the 2019 NFL Combine.