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The Davis Family Signs Out

Yesterday morning was the Davises’ last in Westport.

After 50 years in the same house, Bob (age 93) and his wife Agnes (87) headed south.

Nancy — one of their 5 born-and-raised-in-Westport kids — created a few dozen road signs. No, not the kind you grew so tired of during election season. These were much more personal.

Davis sign 1

They said things like:

  • “All 5 Davis kids had a great upbringing in Westport, thanks to you.”
  • “This is where we learned to ice skate.”
  • “St. Luke’s and the diner will miss you on Sundays.”
  • “The Minuteman statue will wonder where you went.”
  • “Enjoy this view one more time. Drink it in.”
  • “You have lived here a long time. You made a good life here.”
  • “Godspeed, Mom and Dad. I love you.”

Nancy placed them along Greens Farms Road, down South Compo to the beach, then back through Saugatuck. Mary Lou — another daughter — made sure her parents saw the signs as she drove them toward I-95, and on to their new life.

Davis sign 2 (2)

Bob and Agnes leave behind half a century of involvement here: Little League, Boy Scouts, PTAs, the Norwalk Hospital, mentoring, the Perkin-Elmer Retiree Club.

Davis sign 4

“I know I’ll miss my folks,” Rick — one of their sons — says.

“But I think they’ll miss Westport just as much.”

Davis sign 3

Davis sign 5