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On Friday, “06880” posted a story on a citizens’ campaign to install mobile speed signs — “traffic calming devices” — on Imperial Avenue and Bridge Street.

The GoFundMe drive had already garnered $1975 in pledges. The goal was $10,000 — by December 31.

Today — just 72 hours later, and nearly 60 days ahead of schedule — that figure has been reached. (And more: As of this morning it was up to $10,100.)

Nicole Dodge — one of the organizers — says:

This issues clearly resonates with residents of our neighborhood. It’s the first step towards addressing the issue of excessive speed on Imperial and Bridge Street and the surrounding areas. We are pleased we were able to raise the money so quickly, so we can move forward in further addressing this problem and prioritizing pedestrian safety.

Well done, Gang of 6 who came up with the campaign.

And well done, “06880” readers. You rock!

Now please be sure to slow down on Imperial Avenue, Bridge Street — and everywhere else in town!

A typical mobile speed sign.

A typical mobile speed sign.

Keep Calm And Slow Down

We’ve all seen them: The solar-paneled radar signs that give the speed limit on a particular stretch of road, then flash your speed. It’s always faster than the speed limit, of course, and you always slow down.

A typical mobile speed sign.

A typical mobile speed sign.

Studies show significant decreases in vehicle speeds on streets that use them. But they’re mobile, so they pop up in different places at different times.

There is no funding in the town budget to purchase these “traffic calming speed signs.” But 6 Westporters have begun a GoFundMe campaign to buy 2 more. They’ll be placed — permanently — on Imperial Avenue and Bridge Street.

The citizens — Matt Heisler, Karen Jacobs, Nicole Dodge, Jennifer Johnson, Andrea Moore and Al DiGuido — are spurred by the fact that in the last 6 months, 2 neighbors have been hit by cars while jogging.

The Police Department is partnering with the group. They’ll assume responsibility for installation and maintenance of the signs — and will monitor all speed data.

Each device costs almost $5,000. The GoFundMe goal is $10,000. It runs through December 31. If the total amount is not reached, no money will be collected.

As of this morning, $1,975 had been pledged.

“This is where we live,” the group says. “This is where our kids go to school. This is where we walk, run, bike and drive.”

Of course, they’ll accept contributions from anyone in Westport — and beyond.

(For more information, or to contribute, click here.)