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Mind The Gap!

An alert “06880” reader — who wishes to remain anonymous — writes:

It was around 8:30 last Monday night. Despite the many conspicuous warnings to “mind the gap” — which I always heed religiously — this one time the doors were closing. So I took a big step off the train without looking.

I went straight down into “the gap,” as the doors were closing and the train began to move. As I fell I somehow I managed to throw my lower arms into the platform (shattering my phone), leaving the rest of my body dangling in the crevice.

An instant later, a man picked me up under my arms and planted me on the platform. Had I not been petite and fit entirely into the gap; if I had gotten wedged instead, or if that hero had not reacted so quickly to scoop up a perfect stranger…I shudder to think. I surely could not have held on more than a second or two, and the train was picking up steam.

My life would have been forever changed — at a minimum — as well as the lives of my 3 children, my husband, my family and friends, if not for the hero who saved me.

Mind the Gap

I’m sharing this story first, of course, as a warning to my fellow train passengers to always be vigilant about the gap — every single time. One nanosecond of carelessness could mean the difference between life, horrible injury or death.

Second, I feel compelled to find the identity of the man who pulled me out of the gap. I think we were both in a bit of shock at the time of the incident.

While I thanked him several times before walking away (beyond grateful that I was actually walking away with only cuts and scrapes), I failed to ask him his name. He deserves a proper expression of gratitude from me, and to be recognized for the hero that he is.

I can’t stop thinking that if he had paused for just a moment to consider…before lunging to grab a total stranger by the armpits…but he didn’t. He may have saved my life, and I am eternally grateful to him.

If you know who the hero is, please email dwoog@optonline.net. I’ll put you in touch with the woman you rescued.