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Unsung Hero #278

If you’ve been to a Staples High School sports event in the past dozen or so years, you’ve seen Mikey Bregman.

Or a Staples play. Or concert. Or just about anything else involving the school he graduated from 14 years ago.

He’s “Mr. Staples.” No one comes close.

Alert “06880” reader Lauren Barnett wants to give Mikey a shoutout. What a great idea!

Mikey Bregman, from the 2009 Staples High School yearbook.

She writes: “Whether you are a parent, a student, a participant or a Staples graduate, Michael is always there to say hello, and greet you genuinely and kindly.

“You can find him at every game cheering on every athlete of every sport, at every concert supporting all musicians, and at every performance sitting proudly in the Players audience and congratulating performers before and after every production.

“There is no detail he doesn’t remember, and no loved one he forgets to ask about. Thanks, Michael, for being everybody’s number one fan and for reminding us what being a part of a community is all about.”

Congratulations, Mikey. You are our Unsung Hero this week!

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