Unsung Hero #278

If you’ve been to a Staples High School sports event in the past dozen or so years, you’ve seen Mikey Bregman.

Or a Staples play. Or concert. Or just about anything else involving the school he graduated from 14 years ago.

He’s “Mr. Staples.” No one comes close.

Alert “06880” reader Lauren Barnett wants to give Mikey a shoutout. What a great idea!

Mikey Bregman, from the 2009 Staples High School yearbook.

She writes: “Whether you are a parent, a student, a participant or a Staples graduate, Michael is always there to say hello, and greet you genuinely and kindly.

“You can find him at every game cheering on every athlete of every sport, at every concert supporting all musicians, and at every performance sitting proudly in the Players audience and congratulating performers before and after every production.

“There is no detail he doesn’t remember, and no loved one he forgets to ask about. Thanks, Michael, for being everybody’s number one fan and for reminding us what being a part of a community is all about.”

Congratulations, Mikey. You are our Unsung Hero this week!

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13 responses to “Unsung Hero #278

  1. Melissa and the Augeri Family

    This is fabulous! Thank you for shining a light on someone who lights up every event. Michael always brings a warm smile and great conversation. More of this makes our world a better place.

  2. Danielle Teplica

    Running into Michael and talking with him at all of our mutually favorite places was one of the things I really missed during the pandemic. I imagine a lot of people felt that way. It was such a joy to reconnect with him at the first in person concert! His appreciation for things always increases my own appreciation and he is one of the kindest, most polite people I’ve known. He makes Westport a better place for sure!

  3. The Dodges love his generous and warm welcome at each and every sporting event! A true champion of all Westporters and all activities locally!

  4. Michael is the absolute best! We always look forward to seeing him at the games and around town. He always brightens our day and he’s the most deserving Unsung Hero!!

  5. I love this so much! Michael truly is a Westport treasure. We have come to look forward to seeing him at events and all around town. Michael is always thoughtful and kind, and my day is always better after seeing him.

  6. Agree with all the comments the others have shared. A truly special young man who always has a smile and kind word when you see him (everywhere)!

  7. January Stewart

    Michael is the BEST!! We love seeing Michael at every chorus/orchestra/Players/beach outing etc. He’s everywhere! Michael also has an incredible memory and I’m always amazed that he remembers my name and my kids’ names, and every other person in the vicinity. He must know the names of thousands of people that he can recall in a nanosecond. He truly is a Westport SUPERFAN and it’s so nice that he’s the Unsung Hero!!! Well deserved!!

  8. Congratulations,Michael, on being an unsung hero. You are a hero to us every day at MMC.

    • Allison Walmark

      Michael is the most wonder human being. His dedication, selflessness and kindness are character traits to which we all should aspire!

  9. I remember Mike from my first year teaching at Staples and I’m always glad to run into him at events. He always makes me smile!

  10. Marita Driscoll

    We love you Michael! Keep being you!

  11. Laurie brannigan

    The Brannigan’s love Michael! Thanks for being awesome Michael! Always at staples events, always friendly, polite and encouraging!!

  12. Congratulations Michael!

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