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[OPINION] Clean Up Our Minute Man!

Like many longtime Westporters, Mike Elliot loves the Minute Man. Like the Compo cannons and Veterans Green doughboy, it is a Westport landmark.

However, the 1972 Staples High School graduate writes:

“The grassy area surrounding the stature always look like crap. It is impossible to mow, weeds always overtake it, and frankly it looks awful.

Westport Garden Club flowers temporarily hid the base of the Minute Man monument.

“It needs to be redone — but with a no-maintenance solution.

“My backyard patio has 4 inches of reinforced concrete, with 2 inches of blue stone. It will never have weeds. It always looks presentable.

“The Minute Man doesn’t need that kind of sub base. But if we held a fundraiser to redo the base with a concrete structure and inlay pavers, or cannon balls or some architecturally pleasing finish, it would always look clean and presentable. It would always remain our most iconic landmark.”

Mike has planted a great seed of an idea. Is there any interest in  helping it grow? Click “Comments” below.

Another view.