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Google This!

The Westport Library sends out a steady stream of press releases, humping upcoming events. Discussions, movies, meetings — all are interesting (at least to someone), and important (ditto).

I ignore most of them. If I flogged even 5% of the library’s PR efforts, “06880” would be a bulletin board, not a blog.

Yet every now and then, an upcoming event causes me to raise an eyebrow.

This one does — literally.

On Saturday, October 12 (2 pm), former PC Magazine editor-in-chief — and Westport resident — Michael Miller will talk about Google Glass.

He’ll also show it off.

The future of cool? Or just really silly looking?

The future of cool? Or just really silly looking?

I don’t spend a lot of time in Silicon Valley or hipsterish Brooklyn, so I haven’t seen Google Glass in action yet. But I’m fascinated by it. I’m not sure whether Glass is an amazing step into the future — or a frightening, intrusive technology.

I’d love to “see” for myself.

Unfortunately, I can’t be at the library that day. The Staples soccer team I coach has a huge game in Greenwich.

Fortunately — thanks to Google Glass –Miller can record his talk, and simultaneously send it to me.

I think. I hope. I fear.