Google This!

The Westport Library sends out a steady stream of press releases, humping upcoming events. Discussions, movies, meetings — all are interesting (at least to someone), and important (ditto).

I ignore most of them. If I flogged even 5% of the library’s PR efforts, “06880” would be a bulletin board, not a blog.

Yet every now and then, an upcoming event causes me to raise an eyebrow.

This one does — literally.

On Saturday, October 12 (2 pm), former PC Magazine editor-in-chief — and Westport resident — Michael Miller will talk about Google Glass.

He’ll also show it off.

The future of cool? Or just really silly looking?

The future of cool? Or just really silly looking?

I don’t spend a lot of time in Silicon Valley or hipsterish Brooklyn, so I haven’t seen Google Glass in action yet. But I’m fascinated by it. I’m not sure whether Glass is an amazing step into the future — or a frightening, intrusive technology.

I’d love to “see” for myself.

Unfortunately, I can’t be at the library that day. The Staples soccer team I coach has a huge game in Greenwich.

Fortunately — thanks to Google Glass –Miller can record his talk, and simultaneously send it to me.

I think. I hope. I fear.

2 responses to “Google This!

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Go Staples! Soccer players don’t need technology. Smarts, sportsmanship, and endurance. Simple stuff. Google Glass can wait until after the game.

  2. Stephanie Bass


    Your comment on the Westport Library offerings was uncalled for. Their incredible range of events are a major value added to the Westport lifestyle. And if anyone said the same for any of your postings, you’d be enraged.

    This snotty aside was not in keeping with who you generally present yourself to be and I’m very surprised.