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Mary Martinik Hangs Up Her Whistle

For 41 years, Marty Martinik has loved her job.

First in Darien, then Trumbull — and from 1992 through now, in Westport — she has taught middle and high school physical education. (With a 3-year stint out of the gym as  Staples’ director of athletics, and the town’s district coordinator of health and PE.)

Mary Martinik

Mary Martinik

From 2001 on, Martinik has been at Bedford Middle School. She’s worked with the adapted physical education program, served as a special area liaison, advised the student council, and been a student teacher and  high school intern mentor.

She’s been recognized at the state level for her work with Hoops for Heart, and her service to professional organizations.

On November 30, Martinik retires. David Gusitsch — the Westport school district’s K-12 health and physical education coordinator — says:

Mary has brought energy and enthusiasm to her classes and students, all the way up to retirement. She has a true passion for her profession.

Her 40 years in public education — 25 of them in Westport — have been filled with more than just teaching. Mary truly believes in the benefits of movement, wellness, and building physical literacy before, during and after school. She has had a positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of students. For that, we are grateful.


Softball Shorts

Westport educators do many interesting things when the school day ends.

Three play softball — and do it well enough that they won a silver medal at the recent National Senior Olympic Games in San Francisco.  Their team is affectionately called the Connecticut Senior Moments.

It’s no surprise to learn that two of the players — Mary Martinik and Liza Paglialunga — are phys ed teachers at Bedford Middle and Green’s Farms Elementary School respectively.

But it may surprise you to hear the 3rd member of the team:  Barbara Fischetti.  She’s the coordinator of psychological services for Westport Public Schools.

In fact, Dr. Fischetti out-jocked the 2 gym teachers at the National Senior Games.  Besides her softball silver, she won 2 gold medals in racquetball:  women’s singles and doubles.

Mens sana in corpore sano indeed.

3 Senior Moments (from left): Mary Martinik, Liza Paglialunga, Barbara Fischetti

3 Senior Moments (from left): Mary Martinik, Liza Paglialunga, Barbara Fischetti