Mary Martinik Hangs Up Her Whistle

For 41 years, Marty Martinik has loved her job.

First in Darien, then Trumbull — and from 1992 through now, in Westport — she has taught middle and high school physical education. (With a 3-year stint out of the gym as  Staples’ director of athletics, and the town’s district coordinator of health and PE.)

Mary Martinik

Mary Martinik

From 2001 on, Martinik has been at Bedford Middle School. She’s worked with the adapted physical education program, served as a special area liaison, advised the student council, and been a student teacher and  high school intern mentor.

She’s been recognized at the state level for her work with Hoops for Heart, and her service to professional organizations.

On November 30, Martinik retires. David Gusitsch — the Westport school district’s K-12 health and physical education coordinator — says:

Mary has brought energy and enthusiasm to her classes and students, all the way up to retirement. She has a true passion for her profession.

Her 40 years in public education — 25 of them in Westport — have been filled with more than just teaching. Mary truly believes in the benefits of movement, wellness, and building physical literacy before, during and after school. She has had a positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of students. For that, we are grateful.


7 responses to “Mary Martinik Hangs Up Her Whistle

  1. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mary on a professional level.A truly dedication and committed professional in every way.From her exemplary teaching,to her countless hours working at the state level to better the profession, to her many years of coaching gymnastics,Mary was a role model for so many.

    A number of student teachers who I supervised from Southern Connecticut University while under her guidance always received a great start in their career.She always shared with them all the criteria needed to be above all an exemplary professional for their field.So often people going into Physical Education are thinking of coaching but Mary always believed that your teaching is and should be your number one priority.

    Westport was blessed to have such a sparkling example of what an outstanding and committed educator can do for the lives of children,families,colleagues and future educators.
    Truly a job well done!

  2. Thank you Mary Martinik for your years of excellence in Physical Education and athletics! I had the pleasure of working with Mary at Staples HS and Bedford MS. Mary sets the bar high and is always willing to help her students in every way possible to meet their goals. Mary and her high energy and value of team and school spirit will be sorely missed at BMS. Congratulations to her on her future retirement plans. Grass will never grow under her feet!

  3. Congrats to Mary.
    We have never been closer to a PE Teacher !!
    Much love to you and your family – please, please spend lots of time to with your precious grand-babies xxoo
    We are forever touched by your goodness,
    Love The Curran Family

  4. Mary,
    Thank you for all you have done with and for the children of Westport.
    Thank you for the direction you have provided to the Health and Physical Education programs in Westport.
    But, most of All, thank you for caring for everyone you have ever met!
    This message comes from a SCSC classmate that is so proud of you and from a grateful parent of three daughters that had the opportunity to be touched by your caring!!
    Enjoy your time with Jeff and your family, you certainly deserve it!

    All the Best Always!!

    Tom Wall
    SCSC ’74

  5. Time for a new chapter, but don’t forget the story you’ve already written.
    You’ve made such a positive difference!
    At your school, in the district, in the state, throughout New England and for physical education as a whole! All your awards and accolades (too numerous to list) have been well deserved for your tireless energy given to our profession. It’s been an honor to work with you, your passion and dedication is contagious.
    Wishing you the best that retirement brings. Those who know you, know your retirement will be anything but relaxing – you will continue to touch the lives of many. Move on and conquer the rest of the world and enjoy every moment!
    It’s not good-bye, til we meet again – friend.

    Janet Zamary
    Staples High School
    Physical Education

  6. We will sorely miss Mary’s incredible energy and unparalleled resolve for working tirelessly to help students become caring, thoughtful, and accepting learners and citizens. Although Mary’s love for physical education, personal fitness goals and spirited competition is well-known throughout the land, I argue that her zeal for helping kids become good people strikes at the core of Mary’s efforts.

    Congratulations Mary, you deserve the very best in your next role in life!

  7. Doug Marchetti, Norwalk High School

    I have had the pleasure of working with Mary on a number of occasions. Her positive attitude, energy, and passion for what she does is always an uplifting experience. The students of Westport who had been influenced by her spirit and dedication are incredibly lucky! Mary, wishing you nothing but the best during your retirement! Thank you for setting a high standard for all of us in the Health and Physical Education profession!