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How Far Would You Go?

I lucked out the other day:  I found a parking spot smack in front of the Y.

Site of the next great Westport restaurant?

As I got out of my car, 3 guys were checking out the dilapidated-but-handsome-and-now-under-renovation Federal home on Church Lane.   I’m guessing they were potential investors in the restaurant planned for the site, nestled between the former Red Cross building and Manolo.

Would you go there? they asked.

That’s a wide-open question — sort of like the polls that ask if you think you’ll get married, without actually asking to whom.  I mean, are we talking seafood or Thai (which I love ) or Hooters (which, um…)?

So I talked to the restaurateurs about Manolo, that general area of downtown, and the Y itself.

Basically, I said, Westporters don’t like to walk.  They’ll circle the block endlessly, in order to park next to the YMCA — so they don’t wear themselves out heading to the Fitness Center.

Zest — a pretty good restaurant — couldn’t make it there; I’m sure the limited parking (“15 Minutes Only” right in front) didn’t help.  Finalmente, around the corner, has had to battle the perception that there are only 4 parking spots within walking distance.

Well, what about the Baldwin lot? — the one behind Williams-Sonoma — the restaurant guys asked.  Wouldn’t people park there — especially if the new place had outdoor tables?

I didn’t want to dash their enthusiasm.  On the other hand, I didn’t want to cause them to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars either.

So I’ll ask my ever-perceptive, always-honest “06880” readers:  What do you think?

Answer the survey below.  But beware:  If you say “yes,” you’re morally obligated to support the new restaurant.

And One More Sign Of Spring…

Does Manolo restaurant know something we don’t?