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The Daily Mail

My mail gets delivered around 4 p.m. — if I’m lucky.  Sometimes it’s a lot later.

I’ve heard stories that back in the day, Westporters got mail twice a day.  In the early 1900s — before the widespread adoption of telephones — people here communicated by sending postcards to each other.

“06880” reader Jill Christerson recalls twice-daily delivery of mail — and she graduated from Staples in 1974.

“When did the mail stop being delivered twice a day in Westport?” she asks.

“I know in the early ’70s it was twice a day because I had a boyfriend in Viet Nam.  I lived on Caccamo Lane, and I remember waiting for the afternoon delivery because the Air Force mail always came in the afternoon vs. morning!”

I think she’s wrong.  I don’t remember twice-daily delivery at all, except a few days before Christmas.

But Jill has a bet with a fellow Westporter, so a lot rides on this.  We’ll leave it to “06880” readers to deliver the answer.