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The Jocks Of Wall Street

Lance Lonergan was a Staples football legend.

After starring on the Wrecker gridiron in the early 1980s, he went to Penn State — and won a national championship under coach Joe Paterno.

Lonergan stayed at Happy Valley, earned an MBA, then leveraged both his brains and his football background into a career on Wall Street. After 15 years with Citigroup, he’s now CEO of Weeden & Company.

After all, everyone knows that former college athletes make great hires. They’re experienced risk takers, work well in teams, are flexible, adeptly handle ups and downs, and have the physical stamina for the rough-and-tumble world of finance.

At least, that’s what Wall Street used to think.

Lance Lonergan

The other day, the Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined “Wall Street’s Endangered Species: The College Jock.” The paper said that the hot hires now are quants — recent grads with math or computer programming skills.

And one of the examples cited was Lance Lonergan.

Yet the former athlete tells college athletes there’s still a spot on Wall Street for them.

“The core attributes of athletes are well-suited for the trading floor,” he tells the paper.

Lonergan — who married former Staples and college athlete Anne LoCurto — moved back to Westport soon after college. They’ve raised 4 children here.

All are excellent athletes.

A few years from now, they’ll be looking for jobs.

No word yet on where.

(To read the full Wall Street Journal story, click here. Hat tip: Chris Pardon)


Westporters Ring The Bell For Wounded Vets

Ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange is a great tradition. Many times, the honor goes to business executives, politicians, sports idols or movie stars.

Today the bell was rung by real heroes.

Catch a Lift Fund — the organization that provides wounded veterans with gym equipment and memberships — did the honors. And when they were done, the entire floor gave the vets a rousing ovation.

Catch a Lift has a strong Westport presence. So it was quite appropriate that — flanking 2 veterans this morning — were Westporters Adam Vengrow and Andrew Berman. Both have done yeoman’s work here — and nationally — for the cause.

After the event, 6 Westport volunteers posed for a group hug.

At the New York Stock Exchange this morning (from left): Lance Lonegran, Adam Vengrow, Johanna Rossi, Andrew Berman, David Frost and Tom Dippel

At the New York Stock Exchange this morning (from left): Lance Lonegran, Johanna Rossi, Andrew Berman, Adam Vengrow, Tom Dippel and David Frost.