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Cobb’s Mill, Part 2: The Bridge

Yesterday, “06880” celebrated the reopening of Cobb’s Mill Inn (well, “La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn.”)

Many readers were pleased.

One, however, was particularly alert. Far in the background of the photo —

— he noticed the arch bridge on Route 57. It’s hurting, he says, and must be replaced.

He should know. He’s an engineer.

He predicted a choice: Shut down the road for 4 months and replace the bridge all at once, or maintain some traffic and let the project drag on for 2 years.

Either way, people will be inconvenienced.

And the newly reopened Cobb’s Mill — or whatever it’s called — will be affected.

(For a story on a very similar, tiny bridge — and why these projects take so long — click here.)

Cobb’s Mill Comes Back

It takes a little while for news to filter south, from 06883 to “06880.”

But let waterfall-lovers and wedding-goers everywhere know: Cobb’s Mill is back in business.

Weston’s favorite only full-fledged eatery — a working mill since before the Revolution, and a restaurant/inn since 1936 — closed in 2010. The property tax bill was over $130,000, and the food was forgettable.

A classic Cobb’s Mill scene.

Now — with the economy gaining strength, and restaurants sprouting in nearby 06880 like dandelions — Cobb’s Mill has joined the parade.

New owners Elayne Cassara and Drew Friedman have renamed it “La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn.” (“Roue” is French for “wheel.”  Get it?)

That’s a mouthful, but it’s probably better than “La Roue Drew” etc.

I stole this shot from La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn’s Facebook page. I assume this is Elayne.

The iconic waterfall remains, of course. But the interior has been renovated.

So has the menu.

Despite the new name — and one dish called “moules and frites” — the menu is not French. Head chef Michael Achille offers up beef quesadilla, stone hearth-baked pizza, Rhode Island clams, broccoli rabe and sausage, lobster mac and cheese, Alaskan codfish filet and bacon-wrapped filet of tenderloin.

Plus, there’s music.

“Where’s Jimmy?” — described on Cobb’s Mill’s Facebook page as “Fairfield County’s favorite Rock n Roll quintet” — rocks the restaurant tomorrow (Saturday, May 26) at 9 p.m. Upcoming acts include Old School (a great rock band I actually have heard of, on June 1), and Tim DeHuff’s Dynamic Jazz Duo (June 21).

So, from all of us in 06880 — who occasionally made the trek north to 06883’s Cobb’s Mill (sometimes not even for a wedding) — welcome back.

And — with a nod to “La Roue Elayne” — bonne chance!