Cobb’s Mill, Part 2: The Bridge

Yesterday, “06880” celebrated the reopening of Cobb’s Mill Inn (well, “La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn.”)

Many readers were pleased.

One, however, was particularly alert. Far in the background of the photo —

— he noticed the arch bridge on Route 57. It’s hurting, he says, and must be replaced.

He should know. He’s an engineer.

He predicted a choice: Shut down the road for 4 months and replace the bridge all at once, or maintain some traffic and let the project drag on for 2 years.

Either way, people will be inconvenienced.

And the newly reopened Cobb’s Mill — or whatever it’s called — will be affected.

(For a story on a very similar, tiny bridge — and why these projects take so long — click here.)

2 responses to “Cobb’s Mill, Part 2: The Bridge

  1. you could always come in from the other side on Old Mill Rd.

  2. How can anyone speak to the state of the bridge from this photo? Is
    the photo recent? Does he know something that the rest of Weston and
    CT don’t know?

    I broadcast Weston town meetings. This bridge has not been mentioned
    in the last several years. BTW: The Pent Road bridge on Godfrey will be
    replaced next year.