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Losing Our Image

Barely a year ago, a women’s clothing store called All About Image replaced a women’s clothing store named Knoyzz on the Post Road, near Main Street.

“What about the name?” “06880 wondered.  “Hasn’t one of the lessons of this recession been that it’s not all about image — that authenticity and value count too?

“Time will tell if Westport is indeed All About Image,” we continued.  “Or if our newest women’s clothing store is just more Knoyzz.”

The verdict is in:  All About Image is out.  Butcher paper covers the windows and door.

But All About Image is not alone.  The office directly above — on the 2nd floor — is also for rent.

And, of course, so is the post office, right across the street.

Silent Knoyzz

Knoyzz - Westport, ConnecticutTo the ever-growing Westport retail graveyard, add Knoyzz.

Despite its gangsta-sounding name, the Post Road store catered to women and teenage girls. Coupled with the recent closing of Totally Kool, teens and tweens have lost two of their favorite haunts.

If things keep going this way, years from now women may tell their own daughters: “Times were so tough, in our entire town there was no place left to shop.”