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Rollin’ On The River

One morning last week, Don Hyman put his kayak in at Longshore’s E.R. Strait Marina.

He paddled leisurely around Gray’s Creek, then up the Saugatuck River to the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge.

He saw a lot of nature — and plenty of human activity too.

Don calls it “a perfect fall day.”

It’s perfect too, to share with “06880” readers.

(All photos/Don Hyman)

Pics Of The Day #1613

A few days before summer ends: Compo Beach is empty, but the weather is fine. (Photo/Richard Stein)

… A few hours later, a kayaker enjoys the setting sun. (Photo/Carl McNair)

Lost And Found: Kayak

“06880” is loath to post lost-and-found stories, because

  • Most of them are pretty narrow in scope
  • If we start doing it, we’ll be inundated
  • We can’t control who will claim an item.

But this is a special case.

Alert reader Leigh Gage writes:

This kayak with outriggers has sat at Old Mill Beach for a few days. It’s a really nice boat.


There was a water bottle in it with someone’s personalized label: James Perse – Los Angeles.

If you know someone who’s lost a kayak, let him or her know it may be sitting on our beach.

If it’s not yours, don’t take it.