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Don’t Call Us; We’ll Call You

The amount of mail I get has dropped dramatically in the past few years.  That’s one small reason why the Westport post office is moving from an actual building downtown to half of a former day spa in a shopping center.

In fact, if it wasn’t for AT&T and Cablevision, I wouldn’t get any mail at all.

I’ve been a valuable customer of both behemoths for years.  I pay my bills on time — and they are not unsubstantial amounts.

A sampling of mail from the past couple of months.

But like clockwork — at least once a week — they send me stuff.  Not only is the message the same — add services!  pay more! — but sometimes it is the exact same letter I threw away the previous week.

It’s like they were little children, who think that by repeating the same message over and over and over and over, they will get their way.

Here’s my response:  Stop mailing me crap.  I am not interested in being upsold.  Please take whatever it costs to send me weekly mailings, and credit it to my bill.  Then I will know I truly am a “valued customer.”