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5 MPH On the Merritt

Beyond killer trees and killer deer, the land abutting the Merritt Parkway is largely unused.

You can’t park there, picnic there, and you really shouldn’t pee there.

Soon — well, “soon” in government terms — that might change.

Some trees on the south side of the Merritt Parkway would have to be cleared for a biking and jogging path.

The state Department of Transportation is soliciting input on a bike and jogging path. Stretching 37 miles — from Greenwich to Stratford — it could even accommodate horses.

The trail — south of the parkway — would utilize the woods in between the road and adjacent properties.

The idea is still in the planning stages. (Nor is it new. Regional planners have envisioned something like it for years.)

But it has, um, merit. With the construction of the new Y at Mahackeno, a “greenway” could be a substantial add-on (and traffic reliever) to that project.

It could tie that part of town in with areas east and west in ways we can’t even envision, because when we’re in our cars we don’t see where the land can lead. There would be many access points between Exits 41 and 42 — and in each direction beyond.

And while a few trees would have to be sacrificed, that’s a few less trees to fall on unsuspecting motorists.

It’s a bit early to wiggle into your spandex. Public meetings must be held. Then come engineering studies, designs, funding requests, a lawsuit or 5…

So don’t expect to amble alongside the parkway this summer. Or next. Maybe in your grandchild’s lifetime.

But a journey (or jog) of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you’re interested in that journey, check out these workshops:

  • Wednesday, March 22 (Stamford Government Center, 5:30 p.m.)
  • Monday, March 26 (Greenwich Town Hall, 6 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, April 3 (New Canaan Outback Teen Center, 6 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, April 10 (Fairfield Osborn Hill School, 6 p.m.).

This is what a jogging and biking path might look like, according to the website ConstructionEquipmentGuide.com.