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Bernie Perry’s Iran

It’s tough to get to Iran.

But you don’t have to travel halfway around the world for a glimpse at that country’s fascinating daily life.

Just go to the Senior Center.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Bernie Perry has developed a book and gallery show called “Iran: Lifting the Veil.” On Thursday, he unveiled an exhibit of his work.

(Photo/Bernard Perry)

Perry — who specializes in social photography — has unlocked some of the mysteries of that ancient land. He is particularly pleased to have interviewed and photographed young women pushing hard for more personal freedoms and better jobs.

His work will also be on display at the Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop (1499 Post Road, Fairfield) beginning November 16.

“06880”‘s tagline is “Where Westport Meets the World.” Thanks to Bernie Perry, we’ve all got a chance now to examine one of the most historic, yet opaque, parts of that world.

(Photo/Bernard Perry)