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COVID-19 Roundup: Winslow Park Rules; Virtual Bingo Helps Non-Profits; Keep Your Distance!; Restaurant, Retail News; More

As of yesterday, there were 89 positive cases of COVID-19 in Westport — the smallest daily increase here since the spread was first reported. Norwalk has passed Westport for the most cases in Connecticut (105).

Social distancing appears to be working. Governor Lamont emphasized that again, restricting all social and recreational gatherings to no more than 5 people.

The Parks and Recreation Department institutes these rules at Winslow Park:

  • No off leash areas. All dogs must be kept on leash.
  • Pets must be kept close to the handler.
  • The 6-foot physical distancing protocol is to be followed for people and pets. 

These protocols should be followed everywhere in town, including Longshore. Park.

Reader Stan Witkow reports that a group of Westporters has started a virtual bingo night every Thursday. The winner chooses a non-profit to get the buy-in pot. This week’s beneficiary is Westport EMS.

Over 20 people played last week, from as far as Florida and California. Most met 20 years ago at New Neighbors, Temple Israel and parents’ night at Bedford Middle School.

Even more signed up for this Thursday. Bingo!

A reader writes:

My wife and I walk on our sidewalks and roads. We’re mindful of the 6-foot distancing recommendation, so we’re distressed to encounter people who seem oblivious or apathetic. Young folks seem most careless, though some are mindful. Some older folks are careless too.

Yesterday, a young man running and breathing heavily came up from behind and nearly brushed my shoulder. That single encounter could easily have spread the virus. Unfortunately it was not our only close call.

A reminder: The virus is in the community. We all must avoid spreading it.

Be careful out there!

Nefaire, JoyRide and Haus of Pretty have teamed up on a “self-care bundle.” It  includes a facial, cycling class and blowout.

15% of proceeds go to retail employees across the 3 businesses: estheticians, therapists, cycling instructors, front desk hourly staff and hair stylists.

The bundle can be purchased at www.westportisstrong.com.

In restaurant news, Bartaco is donating 100% of all gift card sales to an employee fund.

And although Bobby Q’s moved from Westport to Norwalk, its heart is still here. They always contribute generously to town causes, like Christ & Holy Trinity Preschool. A reminder: Their smoker is open now, with curbside and delivery service.

Last month, “06880” profiled Ben Saxon. The bright, creative Staples High School 9th grader had just launched a math, robotics and coding tutoring service  for 6- to 14-year-olds.

Schools closed, but Ben hasn’t. He now offers weekly LEGO building, Kano Star Wars programming and Makeblock robotics courses, for 2-3 students each. They’re 1 hour a day, 5 days long, starting on Mondays, all via Zoom Video Conferencing. For details, click here.

The Berniker family has had a tough time during this crisis. Jen is now recovered from a bout with COVID-19. Her husband Eric is at home after an encouraging chest X-ray.

The other day, Jen Berniker interviewed her 6-year-old son Max about the ups and downs of family isolation.

That’s today’s Persona interview (below). Download the Persona mobile app to share your own stories, by interviewing family members and answering questions we’ll be sending around. Tag “6880 Dan Woog” in the interviewee field.

Finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with COVID-19. But it has everything to do with the idea that everything we do matters. Bruce Springsteen took a chance and invited a kid onstage. Look what happened next. So cool!


Kelsey Morey’s Catwalk

By day, Kelsey Morey is a beauty pro. The founder of Haus of Pretty on Railroad Place, she’s known for her custom hair color and event styling design — and for showcasing local, sustainable products.

By night, she’s a yoga and barre aficionado.

Every day and night, she deals with type 1 diabetes.

Her daily routine includes morning and mealtime insulin doses; meticulous meal planning, calculating the carbohydrates in each item; blood sugar testing 8 to 10 times a day; snacking in between clients; hydrating; exercising; logging numbers for her doctors, and keeping a medical supply count for future orders.

Kelsey Morey

Balancing diabetes and running a business is challenging. But Kelsey embraces it. She uses her skills to make clients feel great about themselves — and give back to the local and diabetes communities.

On Thursday, March 7 (11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Abigail Kirsch at The Loading Dock, Stamford), Kelsey will speak at the 9th annual JDRF Catwalk. The event — which has raised $850,000 so far for diabetes research — includes cocktails, lunch, a professional runway show by Lord & Taylor, pop-up shop and high-end handbag raffle (with a diamond necklace grand prize).

But the keynote speech is always a highlight. Kelsey — who will describe her personal and professional life since her diagnosis at age 15 — should be particularly compelling.

When models walk the runway, she’ll walk the talk. Haus of Pretty will offer Beauty Bar makeup applications for attendees during the cocktail hour.

That’s “pretty” cool. And “pretty” important too.

(Click here for more information and tickets to the March 7 Catwalk.)