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Photo Challenge #140

Every Westporter has his or her favorite town park.

And nearly every one was guessed, in last week’s photo challenge.

The correct answer to Seth Schachter’s image was H. Smith Richardson Wildlife Preserve. That’s the 74-acre Connecticut Audubon Society gem tucked away near Southport.

The photo (click here) was taken on a path leading to the back — the northeast corner of Greens Farms Academy.

Only Alexandra Wiberg and John Hartwell correctly identified the park as H. Smith Richardson — not Winslow, Grace Salmon, Paul Newman, Edna Haskins, Hilla von Rebay or the Nature Center.

Of course, they’re all worth visiting.

Now it’s on to this week’s photo challenge. If you recognize it, click “Comments” below. As always, back stories and/or more info is always welcome.