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Her 15 Pixels Of Fame

Monday’s post was intriguing: A Greenwich Village woman asked whether she should move to Westport.

She appreciates her possible new townmates’ suggestions — over 100 so far. Here — drum roll, please! — is her response:

The comments just keep rolling in. I can’t stop reading them. They’re making me laugh out loud, cringe and in the end smile with joy.

We have our inspection today, and will know by the end of the week if Westport is our final destination. Fingers crossed!

My fingers are crossed too. I spent an hour with this wonderful woman on Monday. She is smart, caring, talented, energetic, and very cool — exactly the type of person who will thrive here, and contribute so much to our community.

Plus, her 2-year-old is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. (No offense to all the others.)

I really hope she moves here. And once in town, I hope she gets to meet the “06880” crowd: everyone who encouraged her to come, and those who told her to stay away.

You’ll all love her.

The view from Our Hero's Greenwich Village apartment this morning. She may soon trade the balcony for a deck, and a brownstone for deer.

Should This Woman Move To Westport?

You won’t believe the stuff that pops into my inbox.

The other day, a very cool-sounding woman emailed me. Long story short: She’s a native Californian who spent the last 7 years in Greenwich Village. She’s a freelance graphic designer, with a great portfolio.

Greenwich Village... (Photo/Loolie)

Now she, her husband and 2-year-old girl (who really has no say in the matter) are thinking of moving to the ‘burbs. They’re looking at a couple of places: Westport and Darien.

She searched the interwebs for “writers or passionate Westporters who could enlighten me on what to look forward to, or what I’ve been missing.”

Ta-da:  “06880”!

I could talk all day about Westport: the good, the bad and the truly bizarre.

...or the village of Westport?

But she was looking for Westporters — plural — so let’s open it up to “06880” readers. You guys never lack for opinions.

Just click “Comments,” and let the fun begin. Should this arts-oriented woman — and her husband and little kid — abandon New York City for Westport?

What will she find here? What will she love, or loathe? If you had it to do over again, would you?

And on and on.

Be truthful. Be real. But please, be fair.