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Geiger’s: Going, Going, Gone…

The deconstruction of Geiger’s barn was going well — board by board, piece by piece.

But a couple of days ago, a bulldozer rumbled in, and finished the job.

Now the barn is gone. So is the main building.

Geigers Collage 2

Two acres of flat land sit on the corner of the Post Road and North Morningside. Soon to come: a commercial/residential complex with 12 residential rental units — 2 of them classified as “affordable” — plus a retail building.

And a bank.

Bye Bye, Barn

Like many Westporters, alert “06880” reader Wendy Crowther has been watching the departure of Geiger’s with sorrow.

Unlike most of us, she’s done more than just drive past the former garden center property. Yesterday she wrote:

What you see in the photo below represents about 3 days of work, done in fits and starts.

(Photo/Wendy Crowther)

(Photo/Wendy Crowther)

This morning I saw some people on the roof of the main barn. They appeared to be removing roofing tiles. By noon today they were gone.

Several days ago, guys in hard hats removed a small portion of the roof from the smaller, east addition. Yesterday they removed the rest. Now you can see the supporting rafters.

They appear to be going at a turtle’s pace, which could be a good sign. Hopefully they’ll index/mark everything as they remove it (a good deconstruction process).

I’ve put out feelers to Coastal Development a few times (via P&Z hearings and your blog) in hopes of getting answers to 2 important questions.

1. Have they hired a barn expert to guide them through the deconstruction process? Ordinary builders make terrible mistakes if left to their own devices.

2. How is Coastal Development planning to store the deconstructed pieces until new uses are found? Hopefully it won’t end up  in a giant pile under a tarp somewhere.

The Geiger barn in 2013. (Photo/Wendy Crowther)

The Geiger barn in 2013. (Photo/Wendy Crowther)

My heart sinks as I see this barn come down. It has sat in that exact spot for at least 150 years.

Only a few owners lived or worked on the site during all that time. Those owners ranged from the Coley/Burr family (who farmed in the area), to 2 pastors of Greens Farms Church, to the Winterton/Harris family, who lived on the property for 100 years (long enough that the corner was once known as the “Harris Switch” – a trolley stop). Then came the most recent proprietors: Parsell and Geiger.

Westport loses another part of its history as this barn comes down. For some it was an eyesore. For others it was a treasure – a reminder of Westport’s evolution from the days of early settlers and farmers, to those who left New York City in summer and on weekends to escape the heat and crowds, to budding entrepreneurs who, in quaint ways, brought flowers and shrubs into our own backyards.

Today, commercial developers are the “new entrepreneurs.” Some care nothing of the past and seek only to build their own profit margins. Coastal Development did at least try to save the barn, but zoning regulations made that hard to do.  I hope our zoning regs might change in the future to better encourage preservation.

The former Geiger's Garden Center, just south of the barn.

The former Geiger’s Garden Center, just south of the barn.

I hope that Coastal will treat this barn with care as they dismantle. For me, it is one of their biggest litmus tests. Will they walk the talk?

Whether they do or don’t, my heart will continue to break a little bit each time I drive by. The corner will look drastically different next year at this time.

Westport is losing another piece of its rural, agrarian past. Some will forget that soon enough as they pull in to do their banking.

Not me.

PS. When I pulled in to take this photo, I noticed that all of the glass was removed from the greenhouse. Does anyone know whether someone took advantage of the “free greenhouse” offer? Perhaps those who took the glass are coming back for the structure? If anyone knows, please let us know.


Greet Spring — Get Geiger’s Greenhouse!

Geiger’s is gone.

Soon, it will be replaced by 12 residential rental units — 2 of them classified as “affordable” — plus a business and bank. The barn will be disassembled, with the components hopefully used inside the retail structures.

Which leaves the greenhouse. It’s yours for the taking.

A side view of the greenhouse...

A side view of the greenhouse…

Approximately 22 feet long and 12 feet wide, it’s attached to the main building. That means it lacks one side.

It sits on a stone foundation. It looks like the metal frame could be taken apart (unscrewed), and reassembled fairly easily.

Who wants it? A school, perhaps? Or a business that promotes gardening or fresh food?

Whoever claims it must act fast. After the barn is taken apart next week, the main building goes next.

Cathy Talmadge is happy to help in any way she can — including with disassembling. If you’re interested — or want more information — email cathytalmadge@optonline.net.

...and the door. (Photos/Cathy Talmadge)

…and the door. (Photos/Cathy Talmadge)

SoNo Baking Company Opens Wednesday; Geiger’s Closes

SoNo Baking CompanyWord on the (Church) street is that Sono Baking Company will open tomorrow Wednesday at 7 am. Moving into the funky space previously occupied by Java, they’ll offer a limited menu this 1st week.

Meanwhile, Geiger’s Home & Garden Center has closed its Post Road East location. That’s the end of a long era. For several decades before Geiger’s, it was known as Parsell’s Garden Mart.

Redevelopment plans for the 2-acre site include a commercial/residential complex with 12 residential rental units — 2 of them classified as “affordable” — plus a retail building and bank.

Geiger’s is still open in Fairfield, New Canaan, Greenwich and Mamaroneck. And consultation services are still offered in their Sconset Square location.

From which — starting tomorrow — employees can walk a few steps over to Westport’s newest coffee shop, Sono Baking Company.


A Colorful Question

Alert “06880” reader Jud Koss writes:

Since I was licensed to drive (1973),  I have noted that in both directions on the Post Road, the tint of the green lights at Morningside seems a tad different.  Am I the only one who has noticed this?

Nope. I see it every time I’m at the light. The green is definitely less colorful.

If anyone could shed any “light” (ho ho) on this, please click “Comments.”

And since we’re talking about that intersection, here’s a word to Geiger’s: Your plants look beautiful. But could you please move the ones directly on the corner? There’s no way a driver waiting at the North Morningside light can see oncoming traffic.

Though the light in that direction is fine.

Yeah, it kinda looks like this.

Yeah, it kinda looks like this.