A Colorful Question

Alert “06880” reader Jud Koss writes:

Since I was licensed to drive (1973),  I have noted that in both directions on the Post Road, the tint of the green lights at Morningside seems a tad different.  Am I the only one who has noticed this?

Nope. I see it every time I’m at the light. The green is definitely less colorful.

If anyone could shed any “light” (ho ho) on this, please click “Comments.”

And since we’re talking about that intersection, here’s a word to Geiger’s: Your plants look beautiful. But could you please move the ones directly on the corner? There’s no way a driver waiting at the North Morningside light can see oncoming traffic.

Though the light in that direction is fine.

Yeah, it kinda looks like this.

Yeah, it kinda looks like this.

9 responses to “A Colorful Question

  1. Matt Murray

    Probably because all traffic lights are switching to LED style lighting, as opposed to the filament style bulbs.

    • I don’t think so — it’s been that way for several years. And why are none of the other lights that tint?

  2. On another subject: Why is clamming closed in Westport when it is open in Norwalk and Darien? We all have to purchase licenses and it looks like this year it will be a long time before we can use it.

  3. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    There is not such thing as a “green” light. They are really blue. We are conditioned to think the lights are red and green, but they really aren’t.

    • Actually, there is no such thing as a “yellow” light. At least, not if you judge by the way people around her drive.

      • Tom Feeley

        In many other States, their DOT has Found that leaving the lights green for a longer period of time permits better flow if traffic. They also found that letting the straight through traffic go first and then the left turn traffic permits an improved flow of traffic.
        The military police are also trained to let large numbers of traffic go through in one direction before they stop traffic and Change the flow. Not following this advice is why the manually controlled traffic is always backed up over the Cribari bridge in the morning, But it wasn’t half as bad when Cribari was in charge.
        Hillspoint to Roseville is another great example, and ditto all the turns at Wilton. Riverside, and Post.

        Call your State Rep 😉

  4. Siobhan Crise

    And red lights are just suggestions…..

  5. Andrew Lott

    I would surmise that this fixture is one of few that has not yet been changed out with a newer all-LED stoplight. It probably has a green roundel (glass color filter) that has faded over time.

  6. Katrina Salmond

    The problem is is that everyday I see drivers go through red lights. It makes me sad to see such little regard for humanity and pedestrians.