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COVID-19 Roundup: Great Gault; Sweet P Bakery; Kentucky Derby; More

Shane Purcell posted this on Facebook’s “Westport Front Porch” page. It’s worth repeating (don’t worry, I asked him!):

“Shout-out to Gault for coming out during the pandemic to install a whole new boiler and hot water heating system. Our boiler sprung a huge leak Thursday night, and the water tank failed as well. They ordered a new boiler and tank, which was delivered first thing Friday morning.

“They had everything up and running for my daughter’s quarantine birthday — and worked for 8 hours straight to get the job done.”

That’s the Gault we know and love — serving Westport for 157 years!

Sweet P Bakery is a new nonprofit providing training and employment opportunities to adults with learning and developmental disabilities. Within weeks of Sweet P’s start, the program had to pause because of COVID-19.

But they came up with a way to help front line heroes and local food pantries and the adults with disabilities, all while delivering Sweet P treats and smiles to people staying home.

It’s called “Granola for Good.” For every donation to Sweet P, 50% to a granola delivery to a front line group or food pantry.

And for every donation, you can select a Sweet P treat: 8 gluten-free chocolate cookies, a 4-pack “Surprise S’more Kit,” or a bag of “Get Up and Granola.” There’s free delivery in Westport, Weston, Wilton, Fairfield and Norwalk.

The other half of the donation helps Sweet P staff stay in touch with students, via teaching videos and other virtual events. Click here to donate, and for more details.

There are not many planes in the sky these days. Tomorrow there will be.

A formation of US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds will honor first responders on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic by flying over this area.

Their flight begins at noon (Tuesday, April 28) in New York. The elite flight demonstration squadrons will soar over Newark, then across Long Island. Their projected path takes them over Stamford around 12:30 or so, before heading west.

With a little luck, they’ll pass over Westport. If they do, don’t forget to wave. (Hat tips: Andrea Pouliot, Peggy Lehn)

Seven years ago this month, Jim Naughton’s wife Pamela died of pancreatic cancer.

Through his efforts to raise research funds, the Weston actor has been very impressed with the Foley Foundation. They contribute to Norwalk Hospital’s Dr. Richard Frank’s clinical trial to find an early diagnosis. Right now, it’s too often discovered in stage 3 or 4.

Every year the Foley Foundation sponsors a Kentucky Derby Day event, with mint juleps, food and a best hat contest. This year, it will be run as a “Virtual Happy Hour.”

As honorary chair, Jim is participating in a webinar at 5 p.m. this Saturday, May 2 — the exact time the 2020 race was supposed to be run. He invites all interested “06880” readers to join. It should be a fun hour — and it benefits a very worthy cause. Click here to join.

Jim Naughton

And finally … Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati wrote “A Ray of Hope” in the days after Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. Dark days are here again. But 52 years later, the Rascals’ words still ring true. I hope.

This Old Boiler

All around Westport, homeowners proudly display plaques bearing the dates their houses were built: 1884. 1720. 1683.

(Others, of course, proudly display the many gables and great rooms of the homes they’ve built to replace those historic ones. But that’s a different story.)

There’s a lot going on inside old homes too. Yesterday, Gault honored Westport’s oldest boiler.

It’s fitting. The company — recently renamed Gault Energy & Home Solutions —  is the oldest business in Westport. By several decades.

Gault was already 57 years old — just a little younger than Mitchells of Westport is now — in 1920, when workers installed a coal-fueled heating unit for the Abbott family.

The 96-year-old boiler in the Salmonds' basement.

The 96-year-old boiler in the Salmonds’ basement.

The Dutch colonial on St. John Place has been renovated several times since Woodrow Wilson was president. But the boiler was the same.

This week, company president Sam Gault presented homeowners Willie and Anne Salmond — a retired couple — with a state-of-the-art new one. It’s quite a 45th wedding anniversary gift: The value is $11,000 (including installation).

(And it came not a moment too soon. Sleet fell yesterday, on the coldest day of the fall.)

Sam Gault (right), president of Gault Energy & Home Solutions, delivered a new state-of-the-art Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler to Willie and Anne Salmond.

Sam Gault (right), president of Gault Energy & Home Solutions, delivered a new state-of-the-art Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler to Anne and Willie Salmond yesterday.

The Salmonds — who moved here in 1984, when Gault was just 121 years young — have an interesting story themselves. They raised 3 children in Westport, but also traveled extensively for work. Among other things, he served in Uganda with an HIV/AIDS prevention program, while she did foundation work in India.

Both are members of the Saugatuck Congregational Church. He’s recently taken on preaching assignments there, and at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Willie is from Scotland. Anne is from Northern Ireland. Both grew up in homes where heat was a luxury. In fact, coal was used in bedrooms only if someone was sick.

As a New England winter nears, the heat is welcome — especially since Anne has arthritis.

Gault's new logo (and name).

They thanked Gault for its generosity, noting that since retirement they wanted to spend their money on what Anne calls “things you can see. We ignored the old dinosaur in our basement.” Now, they’re inspired to take on other domestic  projects.

Here’s one final twist: The original owners of the Salmonds’ house — the Abbotts –are related to the Gaults through marriage.

How’s that for a heart-“warming” story?