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Photo Challenge #160

Last Sunday was frosty. It was a great time to post a photo challenge that read “Frost.”

Michael Calise, Jacques Voris, Joan Nevin and Ken Palumbo all knew the image by Seth Schachter showed Frost Point. (Click here to see.)

It’s located off Beachside Avenue, just east of Burying Hill Beach. The name comes from Daniel Frost, one of the 5 “Bankside Farmers” who founded Greens Farms (which in turn honors fellow farmer John Green).

For being first with the correct answer, Michael got a special prize. “06880” reader Becky Schaefer unearthed a Westport board game — “Monopoly,” but with 1980s-era downtown properties – and offered it to this week’s winner.

Just the thing to enjoy, on a frosty winter day.

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of David Waldman.

It looks almost as old as Frost Point.

Is it? If you know, click “Comments” below.