Photo Challenge #159

Last week’s photo challenge took “06880” readers out of Saugatuck.

All the way to Easton.

That’s where the “Arrow” sign — an iconic symbol of the much-loved Nistico family restaurant, which began at the arrow-shaped corner of Franklin Street and Saugatuck Avenue, before moving around the corner for a long run — is today.

It hangs in Greiser’s, the deli/antiques/general (and really only) store in that nearby town.

After the Arrow closed — becoming first Jasmine, then the Blu Parrot, and opening soon as Mystic Market — the sign could be found at the Red Barn, the Nisticos’ other beloved restaurant.

When that closed, Greiser’s bought it. Congratulatons, Bob Stalling: Staples grad, Fairfield resident, and the only “06880” reader who recognized it from there. (Click here for the photo, and all comments.)

Meanwhile, in honor of all this frosty weather, today’s photo challenge is:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

If you know where in Westport you’d find this — when it’s not covered in snow — click “Comments” below.

9 responses to “Photo Challenge #159

  1. Michael Calise

    Frost Point

    • Correct, Mike! Frost Point is off Beachside Avenue, just east of Burying Hill Beach. It’s named for Daniel Frost, one of the 5 “Bankside Farmers” who founded Greens Farms (named for fellow farmer John Green).

      And, for being first with the correct answer, you get a special prize. “06880” reader Becky Schaefer unearthed a Westport board game — “Monopoly,” but with 1980s-era downtown properties – and offered it to this week’s winner.

      Congratulations, Mike. Thanks, Becky. And to all: Stay warm on this “frosty” day.

  2. Wow, that’s an extremely historical (from a Westport perspective) stone! I never knew it existed.

  3. Jacques Voris

    Frost Point, named for my great mumble grandfather Daniel Frost.

  4. This is the FrostBite pillar on beachside avenue as you drive/run/walk southbound, around the bend!

  5. Beachside ave stone Wall on sound side of the street.

  6. The game Dan’s referring to was called “Townopoly.” There was a Westport edition.