Mystic Market Ends Saugatuck Blight

For too long, the building at 60 Charles Street — most recently the Blu Parrot, before that Jasmine, and for decades the beloved Arrow restaurant — has sat empty.

The vacant building and overgrown lot have served as a shabby welcome to everyone coming into Westport off I-95 Exit 17.

Also for too long — ever since Peter’s Bridge Market closed — Saugatuck residents have lacked a moderately-priced place to pick up food.

Both issues are now solved. The building — owned by Felix Charney and Jake Grossman — has been leased to Mystic Market.

(Photo/Russell Sherman)

This will be the 4th location. Three others — 2 in Mystic, 1 in Old Saybrook — tout “gourmet quality products, at marketplace prices.”

Mystic Market will offer groceries, soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, grinders, a coffee bar, and a bakery serving breakfast goods, breads and desserts. Catering is also available.

“It’s moderately priced — sort of a contemporary Peter’s Bridge,” says Tommy Febbraio, the Coldwell Banker Commercial realtor who brokered the deal.

A spring opening is planned.



12 responses to “Mystic Market Ends Saugatuck Blight

  1. Trish Lawrence

    Finally, what good news! I’ve missed Peter’s market, and parking shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. Michelle Benner


  3. Finally!!! Food that isn’t a restaurant!,

  4. I spend a lot of time in the Mystic area, and while Mystic Market might not be well known outside of SE CT, it is a beloved food/grocery option in that area. One additional thought: Garelick and Herbs has very similar offerings (they share the same general format), and since they would be within walking distance of each other, I’m curious about how the competition will affect the two options.

    • Garelick and Herbs prices are absurd and quality has decreased. I used to go all of the time and rarely go now.

  5. Worst intersection in Westport in my opinion when trains arrive. I’ve seen more accidents there than Post Road/Riverside

  6. Suzanne Tager Obsitnik

    HURRAY! Thank you for the good news.

  7. Billy Nistico

    I always said it would be the best use of that building since it’s so large. Good luck to the business owners and hope they thrive in Saugatuck! (And change the ugly facade. Also, there be a few old haunts left hanging around too, haha)

  8. Mystic Market will be a very good fit in Westport, or Saugatuck. Now, can we have a Whole Foods in Mystic, or a Trader Joe’s in Pawcatuck? That would be a perfect fit!

  9. Denise (Kline) VonDassel

    Mystic Market came to my town, Old Saybrook a couple years ago and it’s always bustling with customers from opening to close every day. They have a great selection of foods. It will be an asset to the area!

  10. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    Yay, Mystic Market should indeed make Westporters happy. I live in the Mystic area and the 2 stores here are great. I also love that it will inhabit the old Arrow, my favorite restaurant when I was a kid in Westport!

  11. Dan

    Had you called me I would have told you why we kept this building empty so long,
    As the former owner in 1986 of Bridge Square the home of Peters I bought this site to bring the McGee’s back to Westport after the current owner of Bridge Square wouldn’t renew their lease.

    Felix Charney