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Photo Challenge #392

The low-tech Camp Compo building got a high-tech addition recently: a charging device for electric vehicles.

It did not get a lot of notice. But Fed Cantor, Andrew Colabella, Eric Bosch and Diane Bosch all correctly noted it, as the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

Someone should make a list of things to do at the beach — everything from grilling, kayaking and skateboarding, to playing pickleball, swimming (duh) and, now, charging your car.

Just don’t put it all on a sign. We’ve got enough of those already.

We’ve got lots of stairs too. But where in Westport would you find this particular set?

If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Rowene Weems Photography)



Charge It!

Two new electric vehicle charging stations have been added in Westport. They’re at Staples High School, just to the left of the fieldhouse entrance (nearest the cafeteria). A sign at the parking lot entrance points the way.

The new EV charging stations at Staples High School.

The new EV charging stations at Staples High School.

Those are in addition to the ones just installed at the train station, in the newly configured parking lot.

There are other EV charging stations in town too, including near police headquarters.

For several maps — none of which seem comprehensive or up-to-date — click here.