Photo Challenge #391

Since opening in the middle of the pandemic, The Porch @ Christie’s has become exactly what owners Bill and Andrea Pecoriello envisioned: a worthy successor to the long-lived market/deli on Cross Highway.

Also: place for people with disabilities to learn skills, and work.

And a gathering spot for friends.

Which is why a sign saying “Friends” hangs proudly on the back wall, near the fireplace.

Andrew Colabella, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Barbara Greenspan, Cia Marion, Martin Gitlin and Paul Cahill all knew exactly where to find last week’s Photo Challenge. Click here to see — then head over yourself, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, ice cream or sweets.

But first, check out this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d find this charging station, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Les Dinkin)


10 responses to “Photo Challenge #391

  1. By the Ned Dimes Marina?

  2. Elvira’s

  3. Andrew Colabella

    Definitely a town building because I recognize the blue trim/white wall paint from building Maintanence. Going to to go with Ned Dimes Marina because Longshore does not have garden beds next to the building there and same for Burying Hill.

  4. Attached to the old “Beach-School” building. It was installed this Spring, at thr
    E Compo beach Ned Dimes marina parking lot. The town needs many more.

  5. Jeff Johnston

    Burying Hill Beach?


    223 Hillspoint

  7. Diane Bosch

    I think it is used to charge the beach vehicles used to patrol the beach and collect the garbage.

  8. Cart Barn. Longshore GC…

  9. The old “Beach School” (now Camp Compo) building across the way from Ned Dimes Marina! And yes, as Eric noted, installed this spring.

  10. Diane McCoy

    New Bathrooms at Compo Beach.