Photo Challenge #390

There are not a lot of reasons to look up on Main Street.

Most folks are focused on where they’re headed. If you’re crossing the street, be alert — Westport drivers are not always, um, courteous.

Nor is the architecture particularly compelling.

Most of it, anyway.

The Blue Mercury building — on the east side of Main Street — has an interesting feature up near the top: 2 windows with blue trim. (Click here to see.)

Morley Boyd calls an “Italianate-style gable sash.” Who am I to argue?

It was the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge. Besides Morley, 3 other “06880” readers recognized this architectural quirk: Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Elaine Marino and Mary Ann Batsell. Congratulations (but watch where you’re going!).

This week’s Photo Challenge is below. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

HINT: It’s not Friendly’s That closed many years ago.

(Photos/Seth Schachter)

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7 responses to “Photo Challenge #390

  1. Andrew Colabella

    The porch at Christie’s

  2. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Christie’s, The Porch! The wonderful, beautiful Porch!

  3. Barbara Greenspan

    The Porch

  4. The Porch at Christie’s

  5. Correct — the Porch @ Christie’s. If you haven’t yet been to the Cross Highway spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or sweets — why not?!

  6. Martin Gitlin

    The Porch!

  7. Paul Cahill

    Photo challenge: the Porch at Christie’s